New PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment

PS Blog: "We know that some of you gamers might be a bit hesitant to put down the gamepad, but we believe the upcoming PlayStation Move sharp shooter will make motion control for shooter games quite irresistible. Available concurrently with the highly anticipated Killzone 3 in Feb 2011 for $39.99 (MSRP), the sharp shooter is perfect for gamers who want to experience the most realistic action possible."

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UNCyrus2923d ago

'Jungle Green' and Black dual-shock 3 has my eye...

SonyNGP2923d ago

Agreed. That wacky gun looks atrocious!

darthv722923d ago

the superscope 6 has friends.

RedRedSuitSDF2923d ago

The jungle green reminds me of my Halo edition 360.

Taggart4512923d ago

Dualshock is a Yes.

Gun attachment....not so much. I'm sure it's got some great quality to it, being a first party product, but the Move is enough for me thanks.


Yes I am stiking to duel shock for FPS... its just more percise! I jusk wish Sony would realize this and try to put move in games that ACTUALLY NEED IT like MMOs DC UNIVERSE AND final fant XIII... Why not bring STARCRAFT OR DIABLO TYPE GAMES WITH MOVE?

WonsAuto2923d ago

I wouldn't buy the gun attachment, but I wouldn't reject it as a gift, either.

Also, LOOOVE the Jungle Green DS3.

StarScream4Ever2923d ago

I was gonna pass on the gun attachment, til I notice the Triangle and Square button near the trigger. THATS a huge effing deal! As long as the trigger doesn't feel cheap then I'm sold.

himdeel2923d ago

I guess I'm the only one that thinks the gun attachment is pretty neat :) I'm intrigued to buy it.

Patrick2923d ago

Dang.. I'm not ashamed to say I am excited about that gun, being that its digital (The move probably plugs into it via the extra port on the bottom) and has firing modes and pumps like a shotgun, and is built by Sony which tells me it will be quality. Day one buy for me and one for my wife or son, who ever wants to play.
And its supported in Killzone 3, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs and Dead Space Extraction, as well as many future PlayStation Move titles.

I am SOLD.

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The story is too old to be commented.