Pachter Now Admits PSP2 'Actually Could Perform Well'

Although what's known so far about the PSP2 is still not confirmed by Sony (which hasn't even confirmed its existence yet), Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has been talking about the portable's chances for success in the marketplace. It's no secret that the current PSP has had a tough time in North America (although it's been great in Japan), and Pachter recently said the PSP2 would be "dead on arrival." Today, however, he further clarified his comments, and acknowledged that PSP2 could still succeed... if priced right.

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Matthew942926d ago

really! wow wonder how he guessed that...

Dark_Charizard2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

His opinions keep changing, and this makes him even more unreliable. I mean if you've said something as controversial as "PSP2 Will Be Dead On Arrival", at least stand by it. Pathetic. Like a wise man once said:

Pachter - need I say more.

donniebaseball2926d ago

Well, I think he's standing by it. He still believes it won't succeed, but he's clarifying that his original comments are based on the fact that Sony will likely price it too high.

MAJ0R2926d ago

his opinion changes based off of criticism

shows how much of a follower pachter really is and more reasons why he's losing his rep

nycredude2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I think I am going to invest in a new product for Old Navy. The limited edition Pachter Flip Flop Slippers. It will have a picture of his face with a smirk on it right where your heel meets the slipper.

Anyone want to invest with me? I will be collecting funds.

Dark_Charizard2926d ago

1. Pachter's pulse is measured in richter scale..

2. Pachter can speak braille..

3. Pachter knows who let the dogs out..!

4. Pachter can draw a circle with a ruler..

5. Pachter has seen the face of the fat lady who owns the house in tom & jerry!

jriquelme_paraguay2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

thats is Chuck Norris...
or maybe Pachter IS Chuck

HolyOrangeCows2926d ago

When (okay...."if") PSP2 launches with it's own version of Call of Duty: ________, I could see it easily outdoing the 3DS.

Anarki2926d ago

No one listens to this joke anyway ¬.¬

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jahcure2926d ago

at least this time he's 100% right, since he predicted it would both fail and do well... :-/

firefoxprime2926d ago

Ha. As if I need this fool's stamp of approval.

SIX2926d ago

Nuts! This means its going to fail! FU pachter!!!

jriquelme_paraguay2926d ago

Pachter Style prediction: today will rain... or not. The milk is White, and the Sun is Hot.

DoomeDx2926d ago

They should have put Pachter in the desert, instead of Nathan Drake!

TheLastGuardian2926d ago

I hope it performs almost as good as the PS3. Come on Sony, put the cell in that thing.

norman292926d ago

"Pachter Now Admits He Dont Know Sh*t 'Actually Could Get A Real Job'" Fixed

TreMillz2926d ago


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SuperStrokey11232926d ago

All of you people who complain abotu him literally are just playing into his hands. The more people talke about him, good or bad, the more people will have him be in their mind when it comes to gaming...

If you dont like him dont post about him, dont read about him.

tony67672926d ago

who dosent complain about that harcore biased opinion guy who judge thing that he didnt even tried. every one has the right to express their selfs toward him

SuperStrokey11232926d ago

Of course everyone has the right, just dont expect it to stop then, expect more!

He even said that he does stuff liek this on purpose just to ensure his name is on the tip of peoples tongues in regard to games...

Hes essentially playing people and people are too foolish to recognize it.

Dylantalon12926d ago

Psp2 will be announced at the VGAs. Hopefully

Stealth20k2926d ago

maybe the phone by ericonson if anything..........

the psp 2 will get the big e3 reveal

Prcko2926d ago

and here's the truth that patcher knows same as me about whole gaming industry,but he had connections with some people so he's famous now.

disturbing_flame2926d ago


Serious business

Oh wait...

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