Gametrailers: Heavenly Sword Review

Will this red-headed heroine be enough to tide you over until Kratos hits the next-gen scene?

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Time Lord4115d ago

for those that don't want to watch the video review.

toughNAME4115d ago

long way away from a 9

sooo....double A and a half?

NextGen24Gamer4115d ago

Another mediocre game...We need AAA 9 plus rated on average games for our Ps3's. It wasn't Lair...It wasn't Resistence, it wasn't Motorstorm, it wasn't F1 racing, maybe Ratchet and clank? I doubt it...But I guess we will have to wait and see.

Violater4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

only a few days left and you will be sucking off master chief to your little hearts content.

nasim4115d ago


ur garbage box 360 with cartoon halo 3 and u talk big

u nasty BOT

RESISTANCE has a press average of 88% (AAA)


MOTORSTORM got 8.9 from IGN and editor's choice award too

HEAVENLY SWORD also has an average of 81 %

check :-

why rant here rather tah playing your low powered and defective x360 with cartoon halo3 featuring powerpuff girls

tatotiburon4115d ago

jajaj so if resistance is AAA (with 8/10), motostorm is AAA (8/10), HS (7/10), and warhawk is AAA (8/10)...what are Gears of war (9.5/10),oblivion (9/10), Forza (9/10), Bioshock (9/10) ?????....AAAAAAA maybe? jajaja

ngg123454115d ago

That is AAA. In case people didn't know.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4115d ago


isnt a AAA title considered 9+ unless im mistaken. you cant spin this like you spin everything else.

Vertius4115d ago

AAA means a lot of things in the video games business. Most gamers take it to mean a game that has average reviews of 90%+. It's not the only meaning, as it's also used to judge production values, and sales numbers. AAA isn't just about review scores, but people have forgotten that, it seems.

Caxtus7504115d ago

"cartoon halo3 featuring powerpuff girls" do releaise Ratchet and Clank is one of Sony's strongest titles?

[email protected]

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greed4115d ago

its still a buy for me.

xaphanze4115d ago

they gave gameplay a high score unlike IGN who gave gameplay a low score. and also most of the 2 reviews contradict themselves. Its weird, everyone seems to love something in the game.

tplarkin74115d ago

The gist is that it is a good game with great elements, but is too short. If I had a PS3 I would buy it, though. Chronicles of Riddick was another great game that was too short. ICO, too. I enjoyed these games and don't regret buying them.

lonestarmt4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

shadow of the colossus was short, another great game! as long as its about six to 8 hours I think its ok if the the hours we get are top notch. Gah I'm sick of them using that as a reason to lower the score. Gears of war was short and so was bioshock, and bioshock doesn't have multiplayer!! yet no one took any points away from that, no because its a great game, who cares if it doesn't have multiplayer? These reviewers grade extra hard on Playstation games now, I'm certain of it.

_insane_cobra4115d ago

You're not seriously comparing Heavenly Sword to ICO, Riddick, Colossus, Gears and BioShock are you? Each and every one one of them is lauded as one of the best games of their respective console generations. While still being a very good game, Heavenly Sword is a class below that (judging by reviews). Being short is just one of its problems.

DrWan4115d ago

He saids only 2-3 minor negative things on the game, but he graded it harsh, that's weird. He said the game was fun to play, and i think that's what matters to most people. I will see for myself.

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