Exclusive: PlayStation Phone 'Zeus Z1' prototype benchmarked on video We can't get enough of Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Phone (also known as Zeus Z1), and we're guessing neither can you. We were just sent a new video of the device in action

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Mucudadada2924d ago

With Infinity Blade just released, this looks, er, unimpressive...

I'm still waiting on the official announcement, though.

Liquid Dust2924d ago

So, my Droid X just did 37.2 FPS on that benchmark. So I am not impressed so far. Has anybody seen the linpack or Quandrant benchmarks on this phone yet?

D4RkNIKON2924d ago

Yeah I am really wondering about this Playstation phone.. What kind of games will it play? Because I have the HTC EVO with PSone emulator and I play tons of PSone games that work with no problems.

theEx1Le2924d ago

@DARkNIKON, same with me and my HTC Desire, don't really see the fuss about this phone tbh.

randomwiz2924d ago

24.4 on Neocore is extremely sad for something that claims to be a "gaming phone"

It was rumored that the psphone would be releasing with a snapdragon processor. Im guessing this prototype is using the old gen snapdragon. Hopefully they decide to do the right thing by either using 2nd gen snapdragon with the Adreno 205 gpu, or something MUCH better.

Quadrant Standard scores do not translate to real world performance. On 2.1, I used to get 2200+ with OCLF, while now, my phone is MUCH faster,but im only getting 1500-1800 with voodoo.

HappyGaming2924d ago

The fuss is because... it has real controls instead of a touch screen and it will possibly receive first party Playstation exclusives such as LBP and Motorstorm.

But don't compare this phone to PSP-PSP2 it clearly is just a phone when it comes to hardware.

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darthv722924d ago

it is the pspgo with skype. Just dl killzone liberation on it for $10.

HappyGaming2924d ago

You use your PSP Go as your phone?


darthv722923d ago

I have used it a couple times to call my brother when he was in china and japan.

I call from the psp/go to his pc and it is cheaper than cell's.

VOIP is where it is all heading. The fact that it a psp shouldnt matter.

firefoxprime2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I'm laughin at the dude who only has 3 bubbles. Yeah. I do to, but you dont see me acting stupid.

Thats like saying "Your using your laptop too watch HD movies?? What a loser! LOL"

yeah. here's a lolipop Gum. suck it.

jriquelme_paraguay2924d ago

i think the benchmark software is not adecuate to the Z1 processor architecture... and is almos a Dummy... is a prototype

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jack who2924d ago

24fps? what happen with teh as powerful as ps3/360?

coolstuff2924d ago

That's for PSP2. According to an insider on Neogaf this is just a Sony Ericsson phone which has the Playstation branding. It has no relation to the PSP2

ngecenk2924d ago

yeah i think people should notice that this is NOT psp successors. probably just another variant of psp merged with a phone.

but my spider sense said this is just a fake prototype to confuse competitor. im sure with 3ds glassless 3d and apple app store, psp must come up with a serious feature to beat those two.

kingboy2924d ago

Go cry some where else troll

SMOK3xFFx2924d ago

That is butt-ugly, there a PSP games that look better. The frame-rate is also sh!t.

Burning_Finger2924d ago

F that. that looks like a PS1 games.

*Currently waiting for PSP2*

Liquid Dust2924d ago

Its a benchmark called Neocore for Android. When comparing Android phones many people look to Neocore, Quadrant, and Linpack benchmarks to evaluate the performance of a certain smartphone.

leahcim2924d ago

ps phone .. who cares!!!

give me my psp2 game list...

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