Dead Space 2 is "longer than Dead Space" with no load times

Ian Milham, Art Director over at Visceral Game (developer of Dead Space and Dead Space 2) recently opened up for a little Twitter Q&A and revealed some surprising information. Despite the addition of multiplayer, Dead Space 2's single-player will apparently be "longer than DS1", with "many more chapters, but they're shorter".

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Convas2927d ago

This is good news! A longer game with good direction and pacing? A winner in the making! Can't wait. Though I'll probably have to wait a bit before I can pick this up.

DarkBlood2927d ago

why not rent it in the mean time buddy?

Neckbear2927d ago

This is indeed interesting, considering the game has some unneeded multiplayer.

I'll have to wait, just as you, as I have higher priorities in my list. However, it seems like it's going to be a fantastic game.

TheBossMan2927d ago

This team knows how to meet a release date. Polished to hell and back (if the first one is anything to go by) and early to boot. Great devs!

TheGameFoxJTV2927d ago

Well....the game was originally in development for the Xbox1. didn't meet the original release date.
Thank God, it wouldn't have been the same on the old consoles.

Jaces2927d ago

One of my most anticipated games next year along with UC3, inFamous 2, and KZ3.

So close!

King-Leonidas2927d ago

i might pick this up... im not sure cos i hate horror games...

Neckbear2927d ago

Dead Space isn't a horror game.

Hell, it isn't even scary.

princejb1342927d ago

this is a day 1 purchase for sure
i pre ordered it since it was first announced

flyingmunky2927d ago

Longer single player experience.
Hopefully this also means that there is going to be no backtracking through levels we have already seen. I know this was a huge deal for most of the reviewers last time(not me though!). I would like this one to at least hit 93 on meta-critic.
@ to those who say the game is not scary...
The game is designed to be scary so you are either being internet tuff or not playing the game correctly (play in the dark, solo, and with 5.1 surround). If you feel the intensity of the game getting to you then its doing its job. Namely increased heart rate, sweaty palms, adrenaline rushes, and jumping out of your seat on occasion.
Oh, and like the rest I can't wait for this to come out, its going to be awesome.

SaberEdge2927d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games. I have played through Dead Space 3 times and I absolutely love what they did with that game in terms of atmosphere and gameplay.

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Matthew942927d ago

looking better every day, ill be watching closely

SuperStrokey11232927d ago

Well until UC3 was announced this was my most looked forward too game of next year. It keeps getting better and better for this game.

I like the idea of many short chapters... its just like Uncharted!

metsgaming2927d ago

seems like they took the idea of no load times just like uc2 had, good choice.

clank5432927d ago

I want this game NOW!!!!!

godoftime2927d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.