Nine Things Things We Want In Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Asylum was a great game and it was a huge step forward for the super hero franchise. The game was loved by one and all, critics and players alike.

When Arkham City was announced, we were overjoyed. We are sure Rocksteady have some new things in store for us, and they are definitely bound to please all fans, but we would like to suggest some of our own additions/exclusions for the game.

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princejb1342927d ago

alot of good ideas
but the thing about the karma where you can do good or bad
wouldnt fit in with batmas style
he become batman to fight villains not join them
yes it makes sence in infamous since it doesnt have a actual story
but batman cant do this
free roam would be the shit dou in batman=]

BryanBegins2927d ago

Coop missions!

And I agree, Karma seems like a really bad fit in a batman game.