Ten Most Unappreciated Video Games

DamnLag takes a look through gaming history to pluck out ten noticably unappreciated games. Games that did not get their fair shake.

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MechaZain2846d ago

They should really make new Thief games.

NeutralGamer2845d ago

What about the Legacy of Kain series? :(

MagicAccent2845d ago

They are making Thief 4 :)
It's not "official" yet, but they've pretty much announced it.

Also, every single one of those games I own. How's that for taste in games eh? ;)

GamingGuru2846d ago

Mass Effect anyone? That game is always shat on but I have always enjoyed it quite a bit.

boogeyman9992846d ago

agreed but that game was wonky as shit

hay2846d ago

Yeah, I like it better than sequel.

HolyOrangeCows2845d ago

"Mass Effect anyone? That game is always sh** on"

LOL, you're joking, right?

SupahJ2846d ago

Glad to see Thief getting mentioned again, that game really doesn't get enough mention these days.

giantchicken2846d ago

Anyone remember the PS3 demo of Beyond Good and Evil? I want a remake

Axecution2846d ago

lol a remake is coming soon. Well not a remake, but a BGAE HD port for PSN...

Simco8762846d ago

I remember Deus Ex game free with a video card I bought... I would have never played it otherwise. I thought it was just a game packaged with a video card... it was amazing!

Three endings... nice game!

ian722846d ago

Deus Ex is my favourite game ever,(long time since I last played so could be wrong but sure it's 4 endings).

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The story is too old to be commented.