Best of The Rest - Haze, UT3, SOCOM, God of War, Crysis, Assassin's Creed and more

Don't put away your credit card just yet. Twenty other games coming out before Christmas that you should check out:

• Crysis (PC): Unbelievable lush jungle settings and surprisingly detailed graphics set this first-person shooter apart from the rest.

• Haze (PS3): This asymmetric first-person shooter uses a clever plot and even more interesting gameplay mechanics to teach us about the dangers of a utopian society.

• SOCOM Confrontation (PS3): An online-only shooter based on the PlayStation's incredibly popular SOCOM franchise that supports up to 32-player matches and destructible environments.

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reaperxciv4116d ago

2008 is a good year for GAMERS!

nasim4115d ago

Great year for ps3 no doubt

HAZE --exclusive

UT3 --exclusive to ps3 for 1 year. X360 version would materialize in FALL next year

SC C:- cominh out this

2007 is a great year to own a ps3

Draugr4115d ago

...and a bad year for my wallet. =)

TriggerHappy4116d ago

There is a great game coming out for each system both console exclusives and multiplatform game. Good year indeed.

PS360PCROCKS4115d ago

Hey, you randomly read the rocky mountain news? Or are you from Colorado? If so...that's badass because so am I...

TheExecutive4115d ago

i live in denver myself...

heroman7114116d ago

im not sure if i shud get haze or ut3. im thinking ut3 cuz haze might be a disappointment. i also might get soccom confrontations

ATLRoAcH4116d ago

I pre-orderd Assassins Creed limited edition today from gamestop,looking forward to that.Oh,and to let anyone know Socom confrontations is going to be available on Blu-ray or as a download from PSN.Thought that was interesting.

macalatus4116d ago

GRAW 2's tactical squad themed game got me all fired up again for SOCOM. Does anyone here think that SOCOM Confrontations will be the same as Warhawk in terms of delivery and price?

DrWan4115d ago

Rest assure, Kratos, it will be very different. It will have more team play mechanics and strategy and less one man rush. I think they will do soemthing to it so there will be penalties in dying, so expect more camping and strategy team play (so more like Counterstrike and less like battlefield). Which is great, because Warhawk's already filled up the gap with fast pace action online, this confronation should fill up the other gap of more calm and strategic play! i heard this one has no vehicle either, so that's also great for team play and small quarter combat!

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The story is too old to be commented.