Portal Gun Sells For Over $14,000 At Child’s Play Auction

Ripten writes:

Yesterday, the Child’s Play organization held it’s annual action in Seattle. Among the items sold was a Portal Gun replica that fetched over $14,000.

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CrzyFooL2927d ago

It better make real portals.

jaredhart2927d ago

Exactly. Bums like me can't afford portals.

dkblackhawk502927d ago

Holy crap 14k?...I want to go through the walls

KingNintendoFanboy2927d ago

Much cooler things I'd spend my money on.

Fishy Fingers2927d ago

Of course, but not many that will benefit the less fortunate.

Ahasverus2927d ago

I bet he has buyer's remorse right now

R2D22927d ago

LOL- The buyer is probably knock out cold on the ground from running into the wall.