World in Conflict scores 9.4/10 in IGN's exclusive review

World in Conflict excels in so many areas, it's hard to fault. It's one of the most attractive games IGN have ever seen, has a truly interesting storyline, offers plenty of variety considering it could have so easily been a one-trick pony, and redefines the expected feature-set of an online RTS. It smashes down the barriers that prevent many folks from enjoying strategy games, while at the same time offering the depth that the genre is renowned for. Whether you're a strategy fan or not, you'd be silly not to take a look at World in Conflict. Without doubt, one of the finest, freshest RTS games IGN have played in years.

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MK_Red4064d ago

WOW, Awesome find and post. I seriously wasn't expecting review for this. WIC won the best RTS award at E3 so 9.4 is no surprise. Gonna grab the 360 version (Since my PC can't run in a million years).

ISay4064d ago

im disipointed this is an rts i was excited for this one looked like a good story, but im glad the rts fans are getting some quality games for once

ShiftyLookingCow4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

from the demo I knew this game was great, the graphics are awesome in action

edit: yeah the PC demo

BIadestarX4064d ago

What Demo? PC demo?

Wow.. I love RTS... I heard about this game.. but I had no idea what it was.. I though it was just another FPS... Will buy once it comes out. so much RTS love these days... at least for xbox 360 owners.

MK_Red4064d ago

I just hope the 360 version is as good as PC one in terms of graphics and not like C&C Tiberium Wars which had lower graphics. 360 can do uber great graphics (BioShock) but lazy devs don't make good ports.

BloodySinner4064d ago

Nice rating, but why is this in the Xbox 360 section?

ShiftyLookingCow4063d ago

since its coming to 360 in october I think

kewlkat0074064d ago

said this game as off the hook. I have not quite played an RTS on a console, but I hope it translate well on the 360. If not, I still can't pass up my mouse vs a controller for RTS.

sovietsoldier4063d ago

it does translate well in fact it will be better on console. it will be better because-they know everyone has the same system so graphics are better, better communication with team which is a big deal if you played... trust me,easy to use controls,no installing. if you get it for pc you will feel just as good,im thinking of getting it for both but for now im getting the pc collectors editon.

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