Tales from Space: About a Blob Coming to PSN Soon

Sony’s “Pub Fund” program, which helps small developers with marketing and some development costs, in return for being exclusive to the PlayStation Network, has help produce some fantastic games for the PSN, including Burn Zombie Burn and Joe Danger. The next big “Pub Fund” game for the PSN, Tales from Space: About a Blob, has been rather quiet since E3, but now it looks like the game will be hitting the PS3 soon.

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Taggart4512840d ago

Aww man...I was secretly hoping that this would be one of the "Tales" games. You know, Namco Bandai.

doctorstrange2840d ago

Still, this looks pretty fun

wolfehound222840d ago

Always a huge fan of new PSN games.

BigWoopMagazine2840d ago

I'm always a fan of unique puzzle games like this. I hope it has a demo so I can check it out before buying

dragon822840d ago

I love puzzle games of any kind so I may check it out.