GameBlurb Gift Wrap-Up For October / November

GameBlurb writes, "So your wallet maybe tight and there’s a huge pile of games out there on the shelf this month. You don’t know what to get? GameBlurb is here to help you ease your holiday shopping pains with our Monthly Wrap Ups for October and November!"

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liquidxtension2929d ago

Nice. A nice little way to figure what games i should purchase and which I shouldn't.

jaidek2929d ago

So many great games released in the past two month...not enough time!

MicrocutsX22929d ago

Damn so many games came out in the last two months. Glad they picked AC: Brotherhood over Black Ops for November's Game of The Month!

RahatR2929d ago

Imagine all of us trying to complete this game in a timely manner! Such a tough act with the time frame. =D

JamestheScruffy2929d ago

Another hard hit on the wallet...I'm sorry my friend, but I need you to hang in there!

junk3d2929d ago

Seriously, I have bought so many games in the last two months it is ridiculous! Now I just need time to play them all.

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