The Greatness Of The "Worst" Video Game Movie Maker

He's one of the most hated men in movies. Critics pan his flicks. Audiences aren't having it. Gamers loathe him. Heck, a chewing gum maker even wanted him to retire. But is it possible that we've all been wrong?

This year, Prince of Persia was supposed to be the big Hollywood film that got gaming right. It didn't deliver, and 2010 was another year bereft of the elusive great gaming flick. As gaming movies continue to let us down, maybe it's time to consider that the worst offender in all this might not be the worst offender after all. It is time to re-assess the king of hated video game movies, Uwe Boll.

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SixZeroFour2923d ago

videogames and movies just dont mix...i mean they usually cant make a good movie from a video game and they cant make a video game based off a movie

prolly should come to some kind of conclusion soon