Killzone 3 - A Beginner’s Multiplayer Survival Guide

A crash course in Helghast warfare. Beware: hammy voice-acting ahead.

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scar202926d ago

Nice helpful tips in there bookmarked it.

HairyArse2926d ago

It's no CoD though is it?

dirigiblebill2926d ago

It certainly isn't, thank God... ;)

DoomeDx2926d ago

"But first, first you will go to the Options menu, and you will select Controller Settings, and you will turn them Y and X axis sensitivities right up to one hundred and one percent."

No thank you!

Beta tester here, 100% Y and X axis doesnt feel to fell.

rezzah2926d ago

I use 70% normally for all and any game. Unless if its too fast then I lower it to 60%

guitarded772926d ago

Agreed, 70% was perfect for me.

Ducky2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

... a guide?
Don't you just shoot at anyone that has a different eye colour than you?

I enjoyed the hammy voice-acting though.

EskiJoe2926d ago

Some skills have the ability to look like an ally... then they get close to you and melee you. Thats what I saw from the beta although I only played 1 map and I usually choose the medic.

rezzah2926d ago

Yea, there is a skill where you or your allies can change into completly into looking like the enemy. Its been awhile but I think your name changes colour or maybe it doesnt. But in order to tell from far away is too look for the colour.

The ISA fake will have no blue light and the Halghast fake will have no orange eyes.

Evildoomnerd2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

So when the disguise is activated, does the player actually look like other classes instead of just a standard rifleman with a random enemy players name? Because since 99% of people on KZ2 are ranked up and usually never pick the rifleman class, I've made it a point now to take shots at riflemen carrying STA11s, and so far my theory works.