Game Pro: Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball Review

Game Pro: Spending ten dollars (or 40 quarters) on Marvel Pinball is an easy decision for comic book fans and pinball junkies alike. Pinball FX 2 captures the excitement of the coin-operated pastime by nailing down the physics, and this DLC adds to that with one of the most identifiable, arcade-appropriate licenses around. Moreover, Zen Studios opted to use that license to design four distinctly themed tables, each with interesting and unique boss fights, where they could've just as easily slapped some Marvel decals on pre-existing table templates. It's that thoughtful integration of the Marvel brand that really makes this add-on shine.

PROS: Arcade-appropriate license; Lively villain "boss" fights; Great use of the often-overlooked Blade license

CONS: Required to buy all four tables together; Some tables are better than others; Not an ideal game if you own a small TV.

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