IGN Reviews Skate: 8.8 for PS3, 9 for 360

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 was the game that really set the franchise apart from anything before it. It's likely that if there's a sequel to skate, it will be the iteration that defines the franchise. But as a brand new IP, based on an idea that could have completely blown up in EA's face, skate is an amazingly complete experience. Those who choose to relax and skate leisurely -- looking for cool lines and taking on the occasional challenge -- will likely find the most enjoyment. Though there are a few technical issues that can become frustrating (curse you load times!), the end product is a blast. When EA announced skate, everyone in the IGN office laughed. They're not laughing anymore. skate's pretty awesome.

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MK_Red4116d ago

1.Wow, awesome score. I was expecting a good review and score but 9/10!?
2.Typical EA. Has to make one version inferior.

chanto234116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Seems like nobody has been able to figure out how to eliminate the jaggies on the PS3...i know because i own both consoles and multiplatform games always look "smoother" around the edges on the 360...this is pissing me off because i'm a sony fan and idk if this is a lack of knowledge issue for developers or if it is that the PS3 cant do anti-aliasing properly, someone enlighten far it looks like the 360 is the console to own from 2005 to 2008, and after that the PS3 will kick in...back on topic i don't think its EA fault cause I've seen the jaggies problem on almost every multiplatform game out so far...sorry if someone disagrees but its true that so far the 360 games are always looking slightly better...hopefully this changes soon (crossing my fingers)

PS. by the way im using HDMI for my PS3 not for my 360...could this be the reason that games look with jaggies??someone explain me the Wii is a waste of money...maybe you own one dont you?

@ does that mean that PS3 games will always have jaggies or is it a matter of time till the developers can balance those things you mentioned? cause Warhawk looks pretty just seems to happen on multi platform games only...R6V, GRAW, Stranglehold, NBA Live 08 Demo etc etc...

gunnar29064116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

@chanto ...

jaggies on the PS3

... huh ... gimme a favour read the reason of 7/10 in graphics for ps3.

"Lots of aliasing and blurring mix with some spotty framerate issues. San Vanelona is still a hot city, but it has some zits."

I bet you own only wii

I own all 3 ng consoles. =) Agree about Wii with u
Why? AA is good in the 360 version cuz it has 48 picture smearers - pretty stupid system
PS3 has only 24 pixel shaders and 8 texture shaders (5 times more efficient then a pixel shader) + 8 HD rasterizers ....
The question is again - poor programming.

LONEWOLF2314116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

The reason for this is becuase the RSX isnt too efficient with running AA and HDR at the same time like the 360 is!! One of those need to be sacrificed in the PS3 games!

brianpk804116d ago

The PS3 versions are always inferior. This is going to be a major problem when GTA4 gets released. Anyone not owning a next gen system then will be faced with the question of paying $550 (or $650 after the "temporary" price cuts?) for a PS3 or paying $400 for the "better" and "more content" version of GTA4. It's silly that people overlook GTA4 as another coup for Xbox 360 when comparing systems next year; it's going to be another Microsoft blowout against Sony.

InMyOpinion4116d ago

The interesting part is that EA has several different teams working on different games. And you think all these teams make the PS3 version worse than the 360 version on purpose? Do you really think that EA wants their PS3 titles to look worse? That's of no use at all for them. If anyones to blame, it's Sony for not instructing developers properly on the PS3's architecture.

Btw, Skate got the score it deserves!

techie4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Want 4xAA in a game? Get Formula 1 or Heavenly Sword, or Resistance. Every seen a jaggy in Resistance? Uhhhh... ;)

InMyOpinion4115d ago

Or...If you want a console that does 4x Anti-Aliasing without impacting on the GPU, you could get a 360 ;)

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Chris_GTR14116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

oh snap! sorry about that mk red. i just noticed u took off the video. sorry about that

MK_Red4116d ago

No worries doc. Removed the video. Now your story is Video Review and mine is normal review.

alfredoggy4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Get a life........
Go do some homework, maybe get a degree; just do something productive (MK_Red).

Chris_GTR14116d ago

LOL. so i need to get a life huh. this clearly shows how productive your life is by responding to my comment. you need a life more than me.

alfredoggy4116d ago

LOLx2 Hello buddy. First of all, I was not even talking to you. Next, I am an investment banker who happens to enjoy the diversion that video games bring to our existence. I brokered a multi-million dollar deal today and I think that I have earned the right to sit here and make fun of losers like you. There are individuals in here who make intelligent comments; as these comments are based on objective information. So please, do us, who actually contribute to global expansion, a favor and GET A LIFE.

MrSwede4116d ago

So that´s how it is now? You got to earn enough money to have an opinion on this site? To me all opinions matter, yours too even though you seem to want to make people pizzed off.

Douchebaggery4116d ago

so my opinion is the only one that should matter

urban bohemian4115d ago

Who fights crime at the weekend

Takanohana4115d ago

" I am an investment banker"
Of course you are, of course you are, sorry I have to go, have to launch a missile strike, you see I'm President of a powerfull nation.

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TheFatOne4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

Well I wonder why it got .2 off. I wish they went into more detail on why on he PS3 it got .2 shaved from the score. It said "Lots of aliasing and blurring mix with some spotty framerate issues." Can someone explain aliasing to me. (seriously idk what that is) Once again I wish IGN went into more detail on that one I guess I'm going to have to wait for reviews. On another note you know what sold the game to me the commercials. I was like wow did my thumb just do that XD.

DrWan4116d ago

Anti-aliasing is basically jaggies you see, or "shimering" effect that we see in PS2. When the PS2 first came out, it scared everyone because ppl thought anti-aliasing shouldn't be on PS2, but when GC came out, it was the same thing, so that was the limitation of last generation that we couldn't get rid of.

But this generation, most games do not have anti-aliasing problems because they can smooth out the edge and textures and such.

The main reasons for third party titles to have jaggies is most likily due to them not optimizing it for the cell's satellite CPUs which takes the load off of the main graphics card and CPU freeing them up for things like anti-aliasing (this was explain to me a while back by a friend, who's a computer engineer in UC Irvine, so if i simplified it incorrectly, forgive me, because i am no programmer and just repeating what he told me).

Evil0Angel4116d ago

MULTI-PLATFORM: pick 360 version becuase
it is better and hit the store earlier

MrSwede4116d ago

I own a PS3 and I love Sony but on this one I can´t disagree. Maybe later though ;)

toughNAME4116d ago

expect to see similar articles like the Fifa 08 one

this review shouldnt surprise anyone


enjoyed the demo...but 9/10???

id give a low 8

1ben24116d ago

play PES 2008 and be sure to get quality, both in gameplay and graphic
unsurpassed by FIFA...although they are getting closer :P