PlayDevil: GoldenEye 007 Wii Review

PlayDevil has just posted their review of the long awaited and much anticipated 'GoldenEye' sequel, now exclusive for the Nintendo Wii.

Is it a golden success?

Here's more:

"The story is similar to the Goldeneye film, and also the Goldeneye game, but takes several liberties with both, adding and taking away, to make it clear that this is a re-imagining, rather than a remake. Right from the first mission, you’ll see very different elements, not just the fact that you play as Daniel Craig’s Bond, and that the game is set in the present day, rather than right at the end of the Cold War. To be honest, the new story makes the plot seem a little more relevant to this day and age, and allows for the use of Craig’s more violent Bond character, whilst still keeping all of the best moments of the game and film involved at least to a certain extent."

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