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Why Epic Mickey Belongs On PS3

Samantha @ VGW writes:

I have been really looking forward to Disney Epic Mickey. As a diehard Disney fan (not the fluffy Disney Princess kind, the old-school Mickey and Friends one), a game that revitalized all those old cartoons was up my alley. Looking over the reviews at Metacritic - where it has an average score of 78 – most reviewers are bashing the camera and the controls. I’ll admit they are the most frustrating point of the game. But is the game really to blame or is it the hardware? (Disney Epic Mickey, PS3, Wii)

MMFGaming  +   1573d ago
Especially now with the debut of the PlayStation Move, I genuinely feel like a lot of really unique games are being wasted on the Nintendo Wii because of its technical inferiority to other next-gen consoles. The Wii introduced something new and awesome a couple years ago, but now that everyone has jumped on the band wagon, Wii finds itself lagging behind and I'm really not sure why a developer would opt to develop for the Wii when the PS3 offers more or less the same kind of motion-controls. Granted, the Wii has the larger install base, but still.

The problem is, the PS Move isn't a mandatory component for the PlayStation 3 (or Kinect for the Xbox) meaning that developers will be hesitant to design their games exclusively around the new hardware.
killyourfm  +   1573d ago
Couldn't agree more.
I wonder what the story was concerning Wii exclusivity. I read somewhere that even through 2007 Spector was developing Epic Mickey as a multiplatform release. (maybe even 2008?)
Dark_Charizard  +   1573d ago
Wii games work just fine. They just have to be made properly.
killyourfm  +   1573d ago
@Ghost: You can't use the Mario Galaxy argument...why do you think it was made using spheres? :-)
Dark_Charizard  +   1573d ago
Because it's fun?
FarEastOrient  +   1573d ago
No More Heroes plays and looks better on the PS3 in Japan, is this game out in the states yet for the PS3?
turok  +   1573d ago
ur a fool FarEastOrient
to think No More Heroes plays better and looks better on ps3. yes its in hd but it killed the art style which made nmh great. also its always best to play from the source.

seriously ive heard dumber comments earlier today but urs top them all. it is clear u havent played nmh on wii.
Keith Olbermann  +   1573d ago
Dont want. This game is not so good.
ReservoirDog316  +   1573d ago
Unless it was just upconverted like say the GOW Collection and stuff, I think it would cost too much. They say you can just melt away the entire levels. I think stuff like that would cost too much on an HD console from the ground up.

So, I'll take the only road present: playing it on the wii, on christmas.
pcz  +   1573d ago
Mediocre Mickey
why all the fuss about an average game? One that has been described as a platformer from the 1990's.

i suppose mediocre mickey on ps3 is amazing because ps3 doesn't have the extremely high caliber of platform games that the wii has. Besides that, its still an average game.
killyourfm  +   1573d ago
PS3 doesn't have the extremely high caliber of platform games the Wii has? What about the Ratchet & Clank series, LittleBigPlanet...Mirror's Edge?

Hrm...Perhaps you're right :-)
matey  +   1573d ago
there nothing mario galaxy 2 has more creativity on 1 level than them games as a whole
bananlol  +   1573d ago
Whats so creative about mario galaxy 2? Its basically mario galaxy with a few changes. And how can it possibly be more creative than lbp? That game basically defines creativity.
NecrumSlavery  +   1573d ago
The only real creative thing about Mario Galaxy is the use of sphere worlds to cutdown on the Wii's problem of bad camera angles and nasty cornering. The first one was fun for the same exact game as every other one, and the sequel is a carbon copy of the first one with Yoshi.

EPIC MICKEY is a great game plagued by an outdated system.
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Mahr  +   1573d ago
"The only real creative thing about Mario Galaxy is the use of sphere worlds to cutdown on the Wii's problem of bad camera angles and nasty cornering. The first one was fun for the same exact game as every other one, and the sequel is a carbon copy of the first one with Yoshi."

See, if you had actually played Galaxy 2, you would have noticed that 95% of the game played in standard, non-spherical levels, and you would realize the sheer absurdity of what you just wrote.
pcz  +   1573d ago
Ratchet & Clank ?

Don't make me laugh, that game might be acceptable on the ps3 but on the wii that just wouldn't be up to standard.

Little Big Planet is good. And mirrors edge is scraping the barrel.

So there is only 1 truly fantastic platformer on the ps3, so of course mediocre mickey will be sought after.

Even with mediocre mickey, little big planet would be the only truly classic platformer on the ps3 :)
D4RkNIKON  +   1573d ago
good thing I would take LBP over any of that other crap any day.
kneelb4zod  +   1573d ago
Epic Mickey might have been better,because the ps move had shown various drawing demonstration.
jneul  +   1573d ago
troll much i guess you have not played lbp, which is better than mario in my opinion it offers more and feels far more fresh
pcz  +   1573d ago
I already acknowledged LBP is a good game. Nowhere near the spectacular heights of pure brilliance that any mario game reaches though, let alone the genre defining mario galaxy!
giancarmen  +   1573d ago
No it does not belong on the ps3. I love the game and getting close to finishing it. I love how some complain about the camera. Yea it has its problems like all games do, but it does not take away the fun from it. The wii has the first party games that Sony and Microsoft will never touch. For the wii it all comes down to the games. Its both motion and the games that is why the wii is killing the competition.
matey  +   1573d ago
ur right 1st party wii games are hollywood quality in graphics and gameplay the best reviewed games are nintendos big hitters
matey  +   1573d ago
who is this troll saying is it the hardware the heardware can do alot more than epic mickey mario galaxy 2 has the most perfect camera in any game ever and its on the wii camera issues are never the hardware unless were talking trying to get epic micky running on ds or psp than u could blame hardware the wii has tons of games with a perfect camera try monster hunter 3 these trolls always bashing the wii hardware when we all no the wii is the most under used hardware this gen by a long shot it might be the game engine they built to handle the game but its not wii hardware thats insane and ignorant look at Last story its got the most complex gameplay ive seen in a mature title on any platform the trailers suggest a perfect camera and that game like galaxy 1/2 has better graphics than 360 yes if u play them games in upscales 720p they look better than any 360 game so NO ITS NOT THE WII HARDWARE
CrAppleton  +   1573d ago
1: It's called a PERIOD. Please look into it.
2: Monster Hunter 3 isn't a game. Monster Hunter Tri is.
3: "Know" not "no"
4: Yes, the lack of dual sticks demands that hardware is indeed an issue when it comes to cameras.
5: Mario Galaxy is built on spheres for a reason.
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Trroy  +   1573d ago
Monster Hunter Tri... you mean that Wii game that has no normal mapping or cool shader work of any sort, maps made of tiny mini-levels with a loading pause every few steps, and no coordinated animations between the hunter and the hunted monsters?

Oh... yeah and the camera is completely manual -- totally under control of the right analog stick. It only rarely gets occluded by foliage, etc... because there isn't any foliage taller than 2 feet off the ground in that game, and in tiny little patches.

Sorry bud. It IS the hardware.
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BYE  +   1573d ago
I heard Epic Mickey is boring as hell. PS3 doesn't need it there are tons of better games on that system.
Xusuyzus  +   1573d ago
you just got 3 sly cooper games in 1080 p ,.. They are better games,.. an probably look the same or or better, than micky would in 1080p,..
firefoxprime  +   1573d ago
Speaking of sly cooper, I haven't played them yet. Was planning on buying the ps3 collection set, but I read some reviews that its basically composed of "mini games"??? Please tell me thats not true!
Trroy  +   1573d ago
The mini games are extras, above and beyond the 3 original, HD-remastered games.

Not sure why extras would be something to complain about.
jneul  +   1573d ago
its not composed of minigames, obviously they have not played the game properly if they said that... and yes it looks very pretty for a upscaled polished ps2 game, i love it!!
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1573d ago
I remember an article awhile back that the developers are really pushing for this game to be on the ps3 using the Move controller and the 360 uing the Kinect controller.
DeathGazer   1573d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
dirtydbz  +   1573d ago
actually I might have bought epic mickey if it were for ps3 the story is what does it for me though
obviously some people don't know about disney before all the kiddy princesses
ChickeyCantor  +   1573d ago
"actually I might have bought epic mickey if it were for ps3 the story is what does it for me though "

You really don't see what is wrong with this here?
gii bro  +   1573d ago
DKC is a better game.
Kran  +   1573d ago
Epic Mickey doesnt belong anywhere. Why?

Titanz  +   1573d ago
Don't have a problem with Epic Mickey releasing on the PS3
What I do have a problem with though, is the fact that the Wii hardly gets the 3rd party support that the other 2 console get, but when we do get support, its usually ported to the PS3 or 360 with the visuals updated, and more content added.
Picnic  +   1573d ago
For immortality, Epic Mickey should have been made in to a PS3 exclusive or PS3/Xbox360 release in the style of the original dystopian steampunk concept art:


It could have been made in to something like Bioshock meets Monkey Island. What I've seen of the Wii suggests that it's more like Rayman.

In the past the PC used to get very different versions of games than their console equivalents. They could build a very different PS3 game from the ground up. Unfortunately due to time, cost and maybe imagination they probably won't now.
theroadtoruin  +   1573d ago
why would we want any wii games when we can just create them in LBP in HD? lol

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