New PlayStation 3 Engine Available to Development Studios

Unigine Corp. have announced that a PlayStation 3 version of its Unigine engine is now available for licensing starting from today. Before delivering the updated SDK to customers, Unigine Corp. has thoroughly ironed out all possible difficulties on its OilRush naval strategy game, which is currently in development.

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disturbing_flame2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Before selling the engine it would be cool to show its capacity. Curious to see how far it can be considered as a solid engine.

toaster2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

It's already a solid engine... Heaven has been used for DX11 benching for how long now? Unigine are good at what they do.


lol Yeah I wanna see how watered down it will be for the PS3.

disturbing_flame2693d ago

Of course i know the power of the engine for a platform like a PC, i was talking about the PS3 version, i didn't precise it, the news title is about the ps3 tech engine, it would have been cool to see a demo on sony's console.

EskiJoe2693d ago

But the PS3 doesn't use DX11... The PS3 I believe uses OpenGL.ES which is a form of OpenGL, where the ES stands for Embedded Systems.

Baka-akaB2693d ago

guys i'm pretty confident that no one would sign for their engine without demos ...

They are probably shown so far indoors , and they do have an upcoming game for that

Letros2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

But, like toaster said though, the Heaven screenshots would be misleading as PS3 cannot do hardware based tessellation.

Tropics is probably a better representation for the RSX.

FanboyPunisher2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Good luck getting tessellation running on the PS3's 7600 gt equivalent gpu horsepower (Which is crippled btw with vertex/pixel shaders make this even less possible, unless they use SPU's and strap on make-up effects to makeup for its shortcomings in ability to push/fill geo/textures). Another engine (game) gimped by the consoles.

But the blind fanboys will enjoy this article.

Like Xfanboy below, he thinks a PS3 can run an engine that makes GTX 580's struggle. Not thinking about memory limits (Shitty textures, res, high-level effects) PS3 will not be anywhere close to those real-time benchmarks.

LOL fail @ being a fanboy.

Ju2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

See below. The RSX can't do tessellation. The SPUs can, though (sort of).

disturbing_flame2693d ago

That's the reason why i'm curious to see it running on a console.
Or curious to see how much a PC dev can match objectives on a platform that is far from is domain of predilection.
Console devs make engines to try to match full power of the architecture of those machines (i'm not talking about unreal, havok etc), but i second what you say, just see Crysis 2, when you see Crysis (the first episode) and then you see its sequel you cry, cryengine is miles ahead better on PC, Crytek want to sell its techno and sell games, console market is a healthy market, Blizzard was also talking about releasing Diablo 3 on consoles. Money calls money.

Ju2693d ago

That really depends how they implement vertex processing in the (PS3) engine. If they can offset rasterization penalties on the RSX with an optimized render pipeline it might be pretty close. Oilrush - at least from those screen shots - seem certainly possible.

ninjagoat2693d ago

Gonna look pretty weak on console esp to anyone that has had the dx11 on there pc gfx.

Simco8762693d ago

PC fanboys aside, this is good news for console owners

hesido2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Xenos has hardware tessellation support, btw. But I don't know if games use it, performance-wise it may not be feasible.

Fishy Fingers2693d ago

Tessellation cripples modern GPUs, it's a luxury that only the most recent high end cards can handle while maintaining a playable frame rate. You wont see it on console games this gen, or al least properly, maybe some smoke and mirror type deal, the hardware just isnt up to it.

OpenGL2693d ago

Yeah, it technically does but it is not nearly as programmable as the tessellation units in DirectX 11 ATI GPUs. Nvidia GPUs are an entirely different beast because they do not have dedicated units, and instead every stream processor can be used to handle tessellation.

Anyone that has run the Unigine Heaven Benchmark on the PC knows how poorly it runs on anything but the very best GPUs.

Ju2693d ago

Similarly, spus can be used to support "tessellation". See Kain81's reference below. They use that to use tessellation to generate a terrain in PhyreEngine.

hesido2693d ago

Thanks for the info.

I don't understand why people are disagreeing!

Do they think Xenos doesn't have tesselation, or do they think it is currently feasible to have tesselation on the Xbox?

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