Five years of 360

When 360 first hit on December 2nd, 2005, the aim was to “redefine high-definition gaming and the whole entertainment experience in the living room”.

Over the five years “we’ve used Live, plus expanded features such as Avatars and entertainment experiences up to Kinect, to grow and grow and grow”.

The ambition is still there, too - now, “we’re extending that experience onto phones – people are really connected to Xbox.

“It’s been an incredible five year journey,” he concludes. Chart-Track data shows console is still growing – this year the Xbox 360 is the only one to show year-on-year growth in the UK. “We’re really happy people keep coming back.”

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Godmars2902924d ago

Why does it seem that with this focus on the 360, Xbox fans as well as MS are trying to forget about the Xbox1? 9-10 years of video game history is more impressive than 5.

NYC_Gamer2924d ago

because the 360 is doing way better then the original xbox

Lawliet2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Success? TO Microsoft maybe with the ripping money, but is the console a success to its predecessor according to us gamers? I think not. Just look at the games, you have like a small trend going Halo,GeoW,Halo,GeoW,Fable,Halo ,GeoW,Fable,Forza,Halo,Fable.. . . and now Kinect?!! You Gotta be kiddin!
Atleast on the Xbox I can see something different from the rest of other consoles, there are exclusives that isn't limited or repetitive and the games are actually better than the 360! This gen they are just completely lacking flavor. Americans really are funny being, the goods they ditch the bad they keep.

NYC_Gamer2924d ago

@ Moentjers

yes for MS because its actually moving a lot more units/software than the original...

vsr2924d ago

2006 - Gears1
2007 - Halo3
2008 - Gears2
2009 - Halo ODST
2010 - Halo reach
2011 - Gears 3

WTF ?????????????????

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StanLee2924d ago

9 - 10 years?! The XBox was a failure; a money pit Microsoft would much rather forget as the enjoy the successes of the XBox 360 and XBox Live. Yes, the XBox was the successor to all this but it was still a big frigging failure.

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christheredhead2924d ago

I wish my 360 didn't red ring. I wanna get the new one with the built in wireless. theres still a huge back log of games I've missed and need to play.

Simco8762924d ago

Hopefully M$ doesn't go the casual route. But Live is pretty stream lined and the controller is good for FPS.

360 did some good things, just had shady hardware (and continues to have shady hardware). Gotta take the good with the bad

bananlol2924d ago

You dont have to take the good with the bad, with some ingenuity you can have the good without the bad.

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