THQ Sees Licensing Potential For uDraw, Teases Saints Row Deal

THQ Executive Vice President and CFO Paul Pucino said he sees the potential for the company to license out game development for their recently released Wii-compatible uDraw tablet to other publishers.

"We think there may be some other long term revenue and profit opportunities if this is successful," Pucino said during a presentation at the UBS' 39th Annual Media and Communications Conference, which Gamasutra listened in on. "If it is a big hit, we may be able to license out, for the first time in our company's history, the ability to make software."

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pepsilover_20072929d ago

hey all the better, come on let nintendo make mario Paint :)

matey2929d ago

THQ r stupid and dumb they need to put Saints Row 3 on wii/3ds the wii deserves a sandbox game not 1 3rd party publisher has given a wii developer absolute freedom in making a mature game its this reason why pubs/devs make stories up wii cant do this ect THQ need to make more serious well known games on wii/3ds there simular in Hardware and gives publishers 2 platforms to make there money bk leaving the wii out of the equation all the time will just cause resent when all these big publishers try to make waves on Wii2 r they stupid u have a system thats got all the next gen features as well as it being 3-4 times more powerful than cube and thats not enough to make games at least twice as good as the cubes best we are not seeing this and it dissapoints me badly and i feel that with huge adverts ect on a big budget sandbox game would sell huge numbers on wii but publishers are dissing wii and going out there way to discrace a fairly powerful machine.

matey2929d ago

Since HD developers use textures/polygon counts from high end cube games ect Rogue Squadron 3 12,000 polygons in characters most ps3 games use around this number and then with a wii equivilent use 6,000 polygons when cube did more and if anything proves wii can do 25,000 polygons on characters ect so the wii isnt being treated fairly i wish this kind of news got to the papers Publishers treating wii worse than Gamecube when its 3 times as powerful ect not using no where near the Graphics the system is capable of making it look alot worse than what it is the main culpruts are EA/UBISOFT/THQ they dub there wii games down to point that they almost dont improve over Gamecube its got to stop as the Wii is the market leader and needs to get treated like that.

ChickeyCantor2929d ago


For crying out loud man.
Its really hard to read your posts.

I hope you are a troll, otherwise i suggest you shape up.

Fierce Musashi2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Yes, Matt. What is also sad is how much money they have completely left on the table and burnt due to this attitude towards the Wii since the beginning of it's time.

Had they been more serious earlier, 3rd parties wouldn't have to worry about developing and releasing titles for the Wii. Shame that.

Sidar: Why would he be trolling?

ChickeyCantor2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

His grammar.
Even if he makes valid points, trolls can be as they want to be.
+_)(*&^%$#@!~`!/\|][{}/., <--