The Top 8 Most Realistically Looking Ego Shooters in 2011

PC Games took a look at upcoming shooters for the next year. They have a Top 8 of the "Most Realistically Looking Ego Shooters 2011".

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Matthew942808d ago

wow, who would think portal 2 was not realistic, great article!

BYE2808d ago

Crysis 2 and Rage are the kings, they come from the best two studios who know how to get the most out of PCs.

Bulletstorm? Brink? lol

jaosobno2808d ago

They are kings, yet they aren't released yet... I'd hold on to that crown just yet.

tdrules2808d ago

People Can Fly are on par with them easily, the gameplay looks fantastic

Tachyon_Nova2808d ago

T looks mindless and repetitive to me, guess that's what they were after though based on the god awful script/characters.

TroyAndAbed2808d ago

Ego shooters?

What does that mean?