10 most overrated games of this generation

Megabits of Gaming looks at some of the most overrated games of this generation. Many releases get the plaudits and receive favorable reviews... but were these games really deserving of them? Here are 10 of the most hyped and overrated...

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LovelyLara2928d ago

I completely agree with Guitar Hero........ Just don't get why it is so popular

jriquelme_paraguay2928d ago

agree... but Top 10s this, Top 10 that...

Dark_Charizard2928d ago

I only agree with GTAIV and Guitar Hero being overrated. But the likes of Twilight Princess, Metal Gear Solid IV and Super Smash Brothers Brawl?

... meh, no body cares about this person's opinion.

WildArmed2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

The author doesn't understand what 'OVER-rated' means.
Half of these games are very very good.
Halo 3, MGS4, Zelda, Super Smash, Mass Effect.

Gaming was never about innovation or such crap,
Some games scores are solely based on the FUN factor, which s fine.
Super smash... has really nothing going 4 it..
until you start playing it.
And you fall in love.
Gaming is quite unique in that aspect. Different types of games can be equals (storybased game vs storyless, MP games and no MP games).

Anon19742928d ago

Yeah, I don't get this entire list. Most of these games are the absolute height of their genres and deserved the praise they received. The only one I'm in agreement on was Zelda: TP. First Zelda game (barring the DS games) that I never bothered to complete. Waggle the controller for a sword swipe? Waggle this. When I bought my Wii I gave my Gamecube to my nieces. I wish I had held onto it just so I could enjoy Zelda with a proper controller. As it was, the tacked on motion control ruined this game for me.

grailly2928d ago

I never understood the killzone 2 camera height complain. I mean, is it such a problem to be small? and on top of that, it's not that your small, it's just that the camera is placed in the players chest, which is, in some way more logical, when you think of where the gun is on your screen.
In some other games, the camera is at the top of players heads, so you can still be shot if only the top somebody's head is sticking out, which is a bigger issue than feeling small imo.

n4f2928d ago

yoshi is a turtle?
*start crying

jeseth2928d ago

As written by someone that hates videogames.

Worst Top 10 list I've ever seen. I'm actually lost for words at how much fail is in this article.

NeutralGamer2928d ago

Wauw... All i see is some fanboy (probably PC or Mac), who is butthurt and bashing all console games saying they are overrated...

TheLastGuardian2928d ago

MGS4 but no Arkham Asylum? F**king fail!

hennessey862928d ago

is definitley overated. Mgs 1 and 2 are legendary but snake eater and 4 where poor in comparison, just my opinion of course. I didnt like 4 for two main reasons. One splinter cell and two i feel like the series hasnt changed enough, where as splinter cell redifined the genre.

morganfell2928d ago

MGS4, and epic 20 years in the making, loved by those that played, angrily desired by those that haven't, and the greatest game ever made.

Megabitsofgaming needs to find a new hobby. There is having an opinion and then there is just an act of sheer public idiocy.

JohnnyBadfinger2927d ago

Its only a opinion and the author is entitled to it... even though he should probably keep such bullshit to himself.

For me Fable 2 & 3, Halo Reach, KillZone 2, Uncharted 2, Gears 2 and Black Ops are amongst the most over-rated games. I realise everyone is gunna disagree but, they arent very good games.

I dont understand the appeal behind Uncharted 2 sure i have only played about 4 hrs of it... just cant keep me interested.

Take Mass Effect off that list... a game with such rich story should not be on that list. had gameplay issues, but they didnt even dent the games awesomeness.


yeah, it seems like every site has to put up a top 5, 10 or 20 sort of thing. why not just top 4? top 12? they purposely go for even nice round numbers which makes me think "They proably just threw that in there to finish up the list" if you think about it it just makes people take the lists less seriously.

on another note though, i can actually see why every single game on this list was mentioned. of course i happened to love all the games on that list that i had the chance to play, but its still really impressive that they came up with 10 that make you really see where theyre coming from. especially smash bros, mass effect, and killzone 2 (one of the worst, most corny ass story modes in the history of games, intertwined with gears 2.)

RedDevils2927d ago

Which dumbass put MGS4 overrated?

BYE2927d ago


I could understand how someone wouldn't like MGS4, but 3? What's not to like about this game? It's your opinion, but I thought 3 was the best in the series.

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toaster2928d ago

This list is overrated.

Greek God2928d ago

i see what you did there

awiseman2928d ago


halo? masseffect? mgs4? those games were awsome!

wicko2928d ago

How to make an overrated game list:

1. Pick a number, x
2. Find top x games in metacritic, ignoring the ones you like
3. Post the list, write some fluffy bullshit to make you sound intelligent for each game
4. Plaster ads all over your site
5. Profit

Ozzyb2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Totally agree with you. It's easy to be an asshat and call lots of really well-made games overrated after the fact. Disgusts me how so many people with nothing to report about can be so desperate and really ugly. These games, regardless of platform, are someone's hard work. Perhaps the mother of the "author" of this article is overrated, look what she made after all.

Edit: Someone who already clicked wanna copy/paste the list? I'm not clicking that bullshit.

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MariaHelFutura2928d ago

Most overrated game this gen was COD:MW2.

Downtown boogey2928d ago

Well, it still had content...
I'd pick GTAIV

Ratchet5102928d ago

and super mario galaxy 2 was over rated.

PotatoClock2928d ago

Hell no. Super Mario kicks ass

ico922928d ago

"..but if Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 3 are the vital instalments of the series, then Metal Gear Solid 4 stands alongside Sons of Liberty as a disappointment, a game that feels like it should have been a momentous step in the series but, in fact, turns out to be less than the sum of its parts."

I dont think this guy has played any MGS game, because he would know that MGS 4 is the most refined in the series, in fact reviews themselves even called it a leap over its predecessors

Drano2928d ago

Even as a hardcore fan (MGS got and kept me into gaming), I think MGS4 was more overhyped more than overrated. Gameplay speaking it fixed pretty much everything (crouch walking: s'about DAMN TIME!) while adding a few interesting details (which turns out to be quite a buttload of details when you start digging).

But story-wise... I have to say that Raiden, Vamp and Naomi were not only underused but poorly used too... and the ending with Big Boss was weak, very weak (in my opinion, try not to panic N4G). But I still maintain that even the 'worst' MGS (which one is it is up to you) is STILL better than 90% of the games out there, regardless of genre.

And it was short, too. The pacing felt strange as each chapter had a very different style of play while being very short at the same time. By the time you got used to the 'feel' of each chapter, BAM! Time for the next one.

It just needed to be longer (yeah that's it, throw all the cutscene jokes you want. ^^).

Can't wait for a trophy patch, too.

Blaine2928d ago

Actually, irrefutable proof that the author has never played a MGS game:

"and the idea that battlefield stresses need to be alleviated with a bite to eat and a quick leaf through a jazzmag sounds like the sort of idea that was put into the design document as a joke."

Everyone knows Kojima is jokes. Hasn't he even seen a single trailer from Kojima?? Yeah, those are definitely serious affairs... O_o

tacosRcool2928d ago

I really actually enjoyed Guitar Hero until they went overkill and then band hero came out

I didn't see why Killzone 2, MGS4, and Mass Effect are so overrated. Gears of War 2, Halo Reach, Fallout 3 are way more overrated

frostyhat1232928d ago

Taco your a troll at its finest

tacosRcool2927d ago

For expressing my own opinions? Did I offend you in any way? Well tough so deal with it.

frostyhat1232923d ago

No taco just by the games you said were overated and the ones you didnt. i could tell you are a fanboy

STREET x KING2928d ago

I don't think MGS was overrated, it's amazingly fun, 'nuff said! Halo 3 is hugely overrated! Mass effect is awesome! The rest is meh...

RadicalDreamer2927d ago

Mass Effect is mediocre. Decent story but the game itself is boring and amateurish.

Megaton2928d ago

Music genre is garbage. Always has been IMO. I think it's just one of those casual successes, which would also explain its current decline.

Completely disagree with MGS4, KZ2 and Mass Effect.

xAlmostPro2928d ago

guitar was/is fun.. but its being milked so badly..

although as for this list it seems like he's took a bunch of great games with good ratings and called them over-rated -_-

ngecenk2928d ago

i cant see why mgs4 is overrated. with that content packed in one game, its the best bang for buck i've ever made. no game even close with that game.

gman_moose2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

The guy loses all credibility for not even bothering to have his facts correct. He listed MGS4 as having a metacritic average of 90%, when it's actually 94%.

Most games this gen are overrated. But I play them because I love them.

You know what I'm sick of though? Top 10 lists passing for journalism.

metsgaming2928d ago

this list is actually all pretty true. This list is not a fail !!!!!

Sackdude2928d ago

Forza Motorsport 3

is the most overrated game ever.

y0haN2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I don't think MGS4 is overrated at all. One of the most enjoyable games this generation.

Same with GTA IV.

Theoneneo812928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Guitar Hero 2 GTA IV and Halo 3 granted it was good but the ending of the game was just meh after hyping it up to be the end all for halo they left it just as open as the other games.

now before people call me a troll I've played them all and rate my fav halo games

Halo 2
halo 3

Mahr2927d ago

I think that when we look back on this time from the future, we will determine that the vast majority of high-scoring games this generation were overrated.

Vherostar2927d ago

Only one i disagree with is MGS4 90% meta is about right in terms of ratings.. The rest are over - rated. Especially GTA IV and Halo 3. People will call me a fanboy because I picked out Halo 3 but there hasn't been a AAA Halo on 360 in terms of playability they are selling on the HALO name. No Halo will ever come close to HALO:CE and Halo 2.

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capaldof2928d ago

Only being a PS3 owner, I can only comment on a couple of the games chosen in this list. I agree with Killzone 2, which although was alot of fun to play, was hugely overated especially given the time we had to wait an the hype that surrounded it - the single player mission was way too short. However - I strongly disagree with I have to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Grand Theft Auto IV which are both superb games and additions to my collection. Especially MGS4 in which the mission, gameplay, graphics and storyline overshadow most games that try to compete with it. To put it in just because it may not be as good as its predessor is a lame reason. You have to rate a game on its own accord.

gamingdroid2928d ago

I felt in a similar manner. Personally didn't really enjoy Smash Bros Brawl, but a lot of people like it.

Most of the games on the list are just fine, but Killzone 2 for me was way overrated. Other than the graphics, nothing about it stood out. Game mechanic was very dull. With that said, people complained about controller lag and I didn't see that as a problem.

Also, I'm not sure if GTA IV deserved such a high mark despite being a 90+ game. Guitar Hero albeit not as popular anymore, actually was fun and definitely deserved a 90+ even though it was catered more towards casuals. It was definitely different!

2928d ago
reckoner2928d ago

Don't get me wrong.. Killzone 2 is the best looking console FPS to date, but the gameplay itself was yawnworthy.

Bojeeva2928d ago

I feel like I'm just playing a game with loads of QTE when I'm playing Guitar Hero - it's just a succession of button presses... and I find it nigh on impossible! Found Killzone 2 pretty dull and massively overrated and Modern Warfare 2 was a bit of a disappointment too - although I loved the Special Ops parts!

stonecold32928d ago

halo and the call of duty and guitar hereo need for speed wwe vs raw series

Jio2928d ago

I disagree. Just because the author didnt like some games, doesnt make them "the most overrated games ever!" Killzone 2 was amazing. The graphics werent the only thing improved, the game was a great and lasting experience. The games on this list are amazing, and are not in any way overrated

Ibwib2928d ago

I think you can say that for pretty much all list features. The internet is driven by them, and they're subjective, that's part of the fun. Frankly, it's refreshing to see one where they set out the criteria for inclusion!