Retailer Lists Tomb Raider For Pre-Order With September 2011 Release Date

UK retailer has put the Tomb Raider reboot title up for pre-order, listing it with a September 9, 2011 release date.

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SpaceSquirrel2925d ago

I can't wait to see more of the reboot.

Substance1012925d ago

This looks awesome, Recent tombraider games have been very good. Underworld was very nice specially with Mods it was even better.

Laracroft and the guardian of light was entertaining specially at the price point it was released. I even got Legend free with it as a pre purchase offer. Looking forward to this next one.

mjolliffe2925d ago

I couldn't say how pumped I am about the game. Sure, previous Tomb Raider titles have been OK, but they were just thrown out there. With the reboot, it seems both Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are putting blood, sweat and tears into it.

Highly anticipated, don't let us down.

stuntman_mike2925d ago

yeah i really enjoyed the last lot of T-raider games (legends,underworld, anniversary). but this new one looks really good, one thing i hope they dont change her accent and i hope they still keep the adventure part of it and dont make it an out and out shooter.

DarkBlood2925d ago

im already excited to play this game for some odd reason, must be cuz its going to be somewhat fresh and new in a way

DigitalRaptor2925d ago


WTF, are people still this gullible?

Maybe the game will come out September 2011, but it's a placeholder date, like most retailers do until they have a confirmed date from the publisher. We don't need an article for this.

Dark-Cloud42925d ago

guys don't be so hyped that you want to reboot every game !! sometimes reboot isn't a good thing , but it looks good on this :P ..