Shock image leaks from new BioWare trailer... and it's dark

CVG scoops pic; Has Mass Effect turned Renegade? Or is this a completely new, evil IP?

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RedDead2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

He could be looking around to see if the civilians are alright. He doesn't have to be shooting at them, im thinking it will be that thing from ME2, ya know the one were shepard is either a war hero or someone who et his comrades die for his own sake.

Organization XII2928d ago

I thought they stopped making games after ME2??

snipermk02928d ago

I think its an entirely new game. The environment, art design and color scheme does not look like mass effect. This game has the post-apocalypse feel to it.

RedDead2928d ago

The gun does though in the other pic. It's exactly like a gun from ME

Christopher2928d ago

The thing is that the gun is the _only_ thing that looms like mass effect. I think it's more likely that they used an existing art piece than it's definitely mass effect because of the one similarity.

As far as the article, we're not going to be controlling a character that directly kills an unnarmed opponent, let alone a innocent child.

Christopher2928d ago

Loom? Man, I need to really triple check what I post from my iPhone.

No Way2928d ago

It does, sorta look that way..
The people even have an almost Mass Effect look to them.

But, I don't believe it will be Mass Effect 3.
Maybe it is the spin-off, that was 'leaked.'
But, I kinda hope it's a new IP, honestly.

And, keep releasing Mass Effect 2 DLC.

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lzim2928d ago

worse than shooting babies?

John Kratos2928d ago

Hope to god if it is a Mass Effect game that it doesn't have multiplayer. I don't need EA/Bioware CODing up RPGs now... Even though in my opinion ME2 was way more shooter than RPG, Lets just say I hope they don't get the idea to put multiplayer in like Dragon Age or something.

RickHiggity2928d ago

Those look an aweful lot like the crosshairs from the sniper rifle in ME2

theonlylolking2928d ago

That is definitely mass effect. Looks like the collectors are back!

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