Xbox Live Indie-Dome: November 22nd – 28th, 2010

(Xbox Live Indie-Dome is a weekly feature where we sift through the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace to find the best and worst... so you don't have to!)

"I just have to keep reminding myself: next week should be better. Because next week is when the Uprising begins. But this week isn’t next week. I know because I’m looking at a calendar. And because there was a lot of crap.

This isn’t just your garden variety crap, either. No sir, three of them (the bottom three, specifically) make for some special uber-poop. Thankfully there were a couple of enjoyable good games to make everything a bit less painful, but I seriously can’t wait for next week. Even if it doesn’t live up to my expectations there are bound to be more than two games I’ll actually enjoy.

Read on."

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