IGN: Video Review Skate for the Xbox 360 and PS3

Skate gets a review from IGN and scores big.

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BADBOYEK43791d ago

PS3 got an 8.8 and the 360 got a 9.0.The PS3 version got jaggies and of course its specialty, FRAMERATE PROBLEMS.

kooplar3791d ago

figures, just like EA made madden better for 360

barom3791d ago

lmao if it's only a 0.2 difference. it can't be that bad.

reaperxciv3791d ago

for another sure-fire AAA title, Boomshakalaka!!

harpua3791d ago

"LOL...again." got the red rings again? well at least your laughing it off.

DrWan3791d ago

Dirt is better on PS3 and yet they graded it the same, i don't know what to say, i am pretty neutral in terms of respecting both consoles. Pro Sony sure, i owned all the sony systems, but never anti-others...but i am sort of towards Anti-IGN a little now; if you don't call this biased, i really don't know what is.

Chris_GTR13791d ago

dont be a noob here. skate got lower on ps3 because of framerate problems.on the other hand dirt on 360 didnt have framerate problems.

achira3791d ago

lol, dirt had horrible framerate problems on the 360 you moron.

nirwanda3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

It was good on the 360 despite frame rate problems codemasters spent more time optimizing the PS3 version too make it smoother by taking away scenery like the grass and trees personally I'd rather have the smoother version than the prettier version.

InMyOpinion3790d ago

Don't even try!
As I recall from a comparison ( http://gameplanets.blogspot... the 360 version of Dirt had more detailed environments and better HDR just to name a couple of things.

EA has different teams that develop different games you know. In other words, EA is not compromised by one team that make all games. The funny thing is how all of those teams seem to be having problems making the PS3 version equal to the 360 version. If you should blame anyone, blame Sony for not instructing the developers on how to utilize the cell processor (it's their obligation!).

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crippler6663791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Without bashing any console. It is EA, I read their comments about their PS3 developement. And this is just more proof of it.

I will probably never own this game, I lost intrest in skateboarding games after Tony Hawks 4.

EA are getting worse, first it was annual updates to games. Now its lazy programming. The worse part is fanboys are claiming victory because of this. Instead they should be anti-EA, because do they think that when next years sports titles or Skate 2 comes out it will be any different from this years? A few tweeks and then ship it.

nirwanda3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

If you ran EA and you saw your games were selling twice the number of copies at a much lower development cost were would you choose to invest your time and money EA have also come out and publicly stated that they shifting more funds and dev's from the PS3 to wii development because of dev costs vs financial gain.

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