The Disappointments of 2010 takes a look at some of the games in 2010 that didn't live up to expectations.

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Quagmire2932d ago

Aliens versus Predators. Not entirely dissapointing, but the game didnt utilize the franchise potential. Aliens, Predators and Marines, in an FPS. How could you F** that up? Give it to Bungie or Insomniac, they would do it justice.

Wizziokid2932d ago

A disappointing game is really down to a player and there preference in what makes a good game, an hardcore FPS fanboy might say GT5 was disappointing because it didn't have guns...

dtrain212932d ago

GT5 is by far disappointing

awesomeperson2932d ago

Ok dtrain, care to expand on your comment.

With your many hours of playtime I'm sure you've experienced; care to tell us what you found disappointing?

Kurt Russell2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Oh look... Sack boy! I wonder what his opinion on a PS3 related title may be?!

MariaHelFutura2932d ago

So if he likes sackboy/lbp that mean he hates the 360? OK.......

I own both 360 and PS3 but I enjoy my PS3 alot more and there is NOTHING wrong w/ that. Some people have both and enjoy their 360 more and there is NOTHING wrong w/ that.

and BTW, you avatar is nothing.

femshep2932d ago

i call shenanigans splinter cell was awesome, dante's inferno beat god of war by a land slide, and medal of honor story was awesome multiplayer not so much

King-Leonidas2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

ur obviously off your medications today...

Sitris2932d ago

Hahahahahahahahahahah cry more troll. In what way did dante's inferno beat gow? Commercially? Nope. Critically? Nope. Hmmmmm I guess maybe if you had a sacked opinion of the gow franchise then maybe, but it's hard to say Dante did anything new, at least gow did some interesting things with the level design. And btw I am a big fan of dante's inferno, but in no way is it close to the kratos and his fits of rage.

femshep2932d ago

well i may be female but i typically don't wanna see a closet homosexual run around killing everything cause there mad......dante's infero was smoother game play then gow and its the best story too especially if you've read the poem's before

Kurt Russell2932d ago

I enjoyed Dantes Inferno more than GOW. But it mainly came down to the characters... I don't care for Kratos, I find him shallow and the story pointless. Dantes Inferno kept me interested until the credits rolled just out of intrigue. I am not mad for hack n slashes in general though, it's a very shallow and limited type of gameplay.

awiseman2932d ago

naaa dante was good fun but the GOW mechanix were bettr. And about u <3 medal of honeir ur own ur own with that...

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The story is too old to be commented.