Gallery for posterity: The complete Lair Reviewer's Guide

You've read the crap Lair reviews. You've rubbernecked through the peculiar string of fatal car crashes that resembles the Factor 5's feedback about those dirty little playtime diaries. You're probably as curious as Destructoid were when they heard about the 21-page "reviewer's guide" that popped up today, so they've put the whiskey down for a second and scanned the entire volume for your clicking enjoyment.

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Bloodmask4114d ago

Typical arrogance of Sony. This is pretty much an insult to every major gaming publication. Basicly saying they don't know how to do their job.

It seems like the management staff over at Sony is the biggest group of Sonkids of them all. Always blaming others for their failures. Blaming the internet for poor PS3 sales. Face it Sony you overhyped this game like it was the second coming and you didn't deliver = Blame Sony and nobody else.

CaptainMeatwad4114d ago

Did you read the full article? It says that its basically just a huge players manual, with a plea at the beginning for the reviewers to give the motion control a chance.

Also, its from the president of Factor-5, not Sony, so stop trying to play this off as selfish marketing by Sony, even if it is pretty pathetic. Factor-5 =/= Sony

trane074114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Dont even waste your time with that dumbass fool. He's had this pro-360 anti sony tirade for the longest now. When you read his comment its totally obvious that he didn't even bother to actually READ the scanned pages. No sense in even arguing with that fanboy.

Its honestly funny to see him with this "sony iz teh EVIL" to a damn game manual that describes how to play the game.

ALIEN4114d ago

DUDE! you should worry about the Red Ring Of Dead,not about SONY or Lair.

DTClown4114d ago

...You know, a soft touch. Kind of like how you touch a woman ever so gently. Not that any game reviewers know how to talk to chick let alone touch one softly. But the rest of us know and are clearly enjoying LAIR!

paracardium4113d ago

don't have the abilty to play games with skill so instead of trying to understand lair they bash it.