Level Up Times Review: Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

Level Up’s Adrian straps in and revs up in his review of Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3.

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Josh_Squire2904d ago

This game looks mad with the graphics it has! Good review, enjoyed reading it.

harrypmgaga2904d ago

It looks good from a distance, but there are some issues here, like aliasing. The game is definitely a competent racer, but there are a few issues that can't be overlooked.

TheFreak2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

ye, but gameplay wise it's the best racing sim on consoles. Even the graphics are the best looking even if it has some hiccups. I swear when I look at replays sometimes it's like looking at real life, it's scary

harrypmgaga2904d ago

I wouldn't go that far but I see what you mean.

sleepy32904d ago

I think the issue is the whole non-uniformity of it. Sometimes you can get lost and think its good, but other times, like having a standard car go round laguna, and its just not the same.

I hope GT6 is a more uniform product with all tracks and cars to the same standard.

ilikestuff2904d ago

8.2 not too shabby, i love the game, only issue i have is with the standard cars and the 2d trees, it just looks weird seeing such a difference when a standard car is next to a premium one or when your in a premium car and you drive past a 2d tree

love the game though, soo badass, soo much to do

King-Leonidas2903d ago

another dilusional reviewer

Trizard2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Just because he gave it a 8.2 (not a low score at all) score means he's delusional? What kind of logic is that? It is his opinion and he provides adequate support to back it up.

ambientFLIER2903d ago

Trizard: don't bother with the sony retards. They will call every site ignorant unless they rate GT5 a 101 out of 100.

bennyace2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

When the first reviews came out the day of GT5 release everybody was saying "the reviewers didn't take time to play the like they should've". And people were wating for the reviews of sites that took the time to play it thoroughly with the certitude that the scores would be higher.

Now that the scores remain the same for either the early reviews or the latter ones. I guess 20% of awesomeness can't outweight 80% of "averageness". With only 3 perfect scores out of 54 reviews so far, and one of those coming from a Playsation site. gues we get a pretty good picture of what the is like. Bought it myself and I have to agree with the 8.5 average so far...

harrypmgaga2903d ago

Yep, it's a perfectly competent game and a fun one at that, but it definitely doesn't deserve a perfect score.

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Ducky2904d ago

8.5 for sound? That's a slap to the face for the poor guy who spent all his time shoving microphones up exhaust pipes.

Seriously though, the sound is great. Deserves a better score.
Multiplayer is fun too.

Nodoze2904d ago

the sound is all digitized. There were no mics, and no exhaust pipes (outside of the starting of the car when you change cars). The start up sound is actually a recording of that car starting. Why they couldn't be bothered to carry that over to the actual in game car sounds escapes me. It is inexcusable considering the development cost and time.

For GT6 Kaz needs less focus on freaking Nissan, and more on other MUCH more worthy cars.

I understand the Porsche license issue, but is Turn 10 can license them, why in the hell can't Polyphony?

harrypmgaga2903d ago

It's not all sound, though, the music is scored at the same time. Also, as said by Nodoze, the sound is all digitized.

Arup022904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

@TheFreak Man, you're exaggerating, i never saw a game that looked like real life, even GT5, you can clearly tell it is a game, even with those awesome graphics

sleepy32904d ago

well obviously he is. If he can't tell its a game he's obviously not seen real life, lol

Games are still some ways off from looking "like real life"

on consoles, PC, anything

tplarkin72904d ago

The shock value of graphics isn't what it used to be. I remember seeing a replay of GT1 on PS1 and thinking that was like real life.

I think we are much more aware of computer generated graphics today. Maybe the next gen will fool us again.