IGN Reviews Xbox 360 Two Worlds: 6.8/10

The designers had a good handle on what they wanted and they've created a game with a ton of depth. Unfortunately, the execution is flawed. On both Xbox 360 and PC this game is buggy and unpolished, and these quirks will prevent it from duplicating the real key to Oblivion's success: mainstream appeal. The game has some very real issues that should not be overlooked.

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Evil0Angel4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

Did IGN give the low profile xbox360/pc exclusive far better rating than
----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----

Now watch PS3 fangirls reporting this story as Bad editing ect ect..(EDIT:they did)

nasim4117d ago

TWO WORLDS got 2/10 from GAMESPY

and 1/10 from DOUPE CZ

clearly this shows IGN's bias towards X360

NextGen24Gamer4118d ago

Ign says its Passable. And I understand and respect their reasons. Its clearly better than Lair which I also own. But, the framerate does hold it back from being in the 8's and 9's and understandably. But the game is so fun and deep that if you look past the frame rate, which is really easy to do, the game is Great. Its a cross of diablo and oblivion....They just should have spent more time on perfecting the framerate....Hopefully they will have a patch coming or somthing....

Bigmac5734118d ago

By over two points? I smell a rat.

MK_Red4118d ago

Well, it's better than GameSpy's 1.5/5 but certainly lower than GameSpots 7/10.
All reviews have one thing in common, the RPG mechanism and class system which IGN calls true RPG. That alone is tempting me to get this game...

toughNAME4118d ago

even a garbage 360 game beats out Sony "triple A"

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