Microsoft Confirms Xbox 360 Migration Incompatibilities, despite suggesting otherwise

A maxconsole member / disgruntled Xbox 360 owner decides to escalate his problem with the Xbox Live Arcade Digital Rights Management and decides to contact the Better Business Bureau. Microsoft responds with the following: " regards to your complaint concerning the transfer of points and content from one console to another. Unfortunately content transfer can only work from same model consoles to another." This is contradictory to the information and videos provided by various Microsoft representatives during the over-hyped launch of the Xbox 360 Elite.

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Lord Anubis4087d ago

I agree with this part:

I honestly believe that more people should contact the Better Business Bureau, write to these companies, boycott their DRM'd content, speak out against overly strict DRM methods, and stand up for the right to freely use and own the media / content / software they've rightfully purchased. Until then we're at the mercy of the large corporations and we'll never truly own what we've purchased.

ReBurn4087d ago

But I think that once you pay for content you should be able to use what you've paid for. In my opinion a 360 is a 360 whether it is an Elite or a Premium. I say that it is fair to tie content to a gamertag and let that gametag use it on any 360.

WafflesID4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

I traded in my 360 premium for a 360 elite.

XBL keeps track of everything you've downloaded.

All I did was transfer all (most. Viva pinata and perfect dark, both rare games, didn't allow you to transfer save games to another device) save games with a memory card (didn't feel like waiting for the transfer cable). Then I just redownloaded everything else that I PAID for. I can play everything without having to be online, no problems.

Original xbox saves are different matter. I had to use my XSATA to transfer those, but I imagine I could have used the transfer cable to get everything, delete the stuff that would require me to be online to use and then just redownload it.

Don't know what the big deal is here.


How could ANYONE POSSIBLY disagree with a comment that just lists the STEP BY STEP process I went through to switch from a 360 premium 20gig hard drive to my elite and its 120 gig hard drive?

What kind of idiots are populating N4G these days?

eLiNeS4086d ago

setup another gamertag and try playing an arcade game you downloaded from your original gamertag and you will see what the problem is. You will only be able to play the demo not the full game that you purchased.

ShiftyLookingCow4087d ago

this is a blog post that is actually newsworthy

FordGTGuy4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

they have to agree to contracts from the suppliers and they must follow the suppliers contract to keep it. Don't blame Microsoft blame the suppliers of the content.


Its either have the content and deal with limits or not have the content at all. Microsoft doesn't own the content and is only the medium that supplies the content from the suppliers to you. Its like complaining to the dvd company for the renting limits of blockbuster.

Like I said before don't complain to Microsoft complain to the company or firm that made the contract.

(I'm talking about the limitations created by the contract)

If you are having trouble getting the content you already paid for then write down your other Xbox 360s S/N and your new Xbox 360 S/N then call support and get them to make it so you can now download it on your new Xbox 360.

ShiftyLookingCow4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

the thing is MS should be doing more about this issue

edit: sure its no big deal to download the content after signing into your profile on a replacement console, but it can only be played by that profile when online which is ridiculous(say you are sharing it with family members). MS should just deactivate the license for faulty console that is sent to it and give that license to whichever console you next download your stuff to.

eLiNeS4086d ago

iTunes doesn't own the content either but you are able to have it on 5 PC at one time, so M$ should be able to do the same with there content. I don't need it on 5 Xbox 360, I need it to work on the 360 I have as I paid for it the first time. I am on my 4th Xbox 360 and my content does not work on any other gamertag accept the one I downloaded it on. Now my wife can't play any of the arcade games on her profile.

There has to be away to associate the game to a mac address on the Xbox 360 and if you trade it in, it dies on you and you exchange it or what ever the case may be, they should be able to go in and add a new mac address to your content and remove the other so it could not be used on the old box.

Everything that he states is 100% accurate and M$ DRM needs to be revised and fixed or a class action lawsuit will be knocking on there back door.

BIadestarX4087d ago

Why are people making a big deal out of this.. all you have to do is call Microsoft tell them about you not being able to access the content you purchased and they will give you microsoft point so you can rebuy it. That's what happened to me when I switch to my elite.. 1 of my arcade games didn't work.. and I called.. They have a history of all your purchases.. duhh.

WafflesID4087d ago

and 2 retards actually disagreed with you even though I myself have FIRST HAND experience that proves you are right.

WafflesID4087d ago

Ok seriously, who is the idiot who is disagreeing with PROVABLE facts. If you somehow know something contrary to what I myself have experienced first hand, then speak up and stop lurking.

eLiNeS4086d ago

That worked for me when I took back a pro and got a new pro after faxing M$ the receipts but when I took back the pro and got a Elite because I was having problems with the DVD drive they said the same thing as they did this guy. I even had a high up corporate guy call me and tell me because I upgraded to an Elite from a pro that I lost the rights to the content. Now that Elite just got the RROD for the first time out of all the Xbox 360's I have had and now going to be dealing with support on this same issue with my new Elite. So far they told me they don't give points anymore that they do something else, we will have to see what that is. Another bummer if your Elite dies is you can't use the migration cable to transfer your content from a 120GB drive to another 120GB drive, the software and/or cable is made only for transferring from a 20GB drive to a 120GB drive, it kept telling me to attach a 20GB drive. That really blows. They need to make an online locker where all your content is stored and you can format or get a new hard drive and download everything with one click instead of having to download everything individually. There are gamer pictures I got free that you can't download ever again that I can not move off the drive onto a memory card, so I am going to have to keep the old drive and put it on the new Elite if I want to keep all my content with out re-downloading it and losing some content that is no longer available.

This is a very huge problem once you dive in and really see all that is affected. I really hope M$ does something about this and soon or there going to be loosing a lot of customers.


Bladestar if you read the guy's blog you will know exactly why that didnt work for him.

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