IGN: DC Universe Online Beta for PlayStation Plus

The wait for DC Universe Online has been a lengthy one, but it's going to be a bit easier if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

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scar202782d ago

Cuz i'm a big fan of dc im signing up.

krouse932782d ago

Plus is definitely worth it so far!

goflyakite2782d ago

So everyone get this beta like AC:BH? Hopefully because I haven't been picked for any beta yet, been subscribed to PS+ since day one. AC:BH is the only beta I've gotten from PS+ because it was for everyone.

JohnnyMann4202782d ago

Totally Agree. I bought it a couple months ago once I noticed that there is a steady stream of content. I held off to make

krouse932782d ago


The AC:BH and the Killzone 3 beta's are the one's I've gotten in. And I couldn't be happier Sony sure know's how to give us our money's worth. I've always seen all of their products as having a lot of depth and value. And PS Plus is no Exception

2782d ago
Tony-Red-Grave2782d ago

so far all the betas ps+ offered

1) red faction battlegrounds**
2) killzone3***
4)dead space*

*i was part of
**decided not join
***couldve joined but didnt because of e-mail

goflyakite2782d ago


Oops, forgot I had KZ3 beta too. But I was just wondering if this beta was for everyone like the AC beta was.

(btw i'm also really happy with PS+)

Keith Olbermann2782d ago

I have plus and Ive been in every beta so far except lbp2 and I'm not sure people are in that one yet. Cant wait for DCU beta!!

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The game actually is looking good.

Here is a demo of 1 hour if someone missed the video:

SIX2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

It looks better than I thought. Alright Sony you got my money. PS+ here I come.

akiraburn2782d ago

ALFA, I've been in the PC Beta for a while, and I can definitely stand by that statement. Hands-down, it's a lot of fun. It's too early for me to say if it'll be the kind of game that has a ton of lasting power, but I can say that since I started the beta a few months back, it's been a very fun experience that's been ever changing for the better, and all based on community feedback. I'm definitely interested to see the way it plays on PS3 in comparison.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

You can make Clans with people?

akiraburn2782d ago

@Alfa, Yeah there definitely is a guild system in place for it. It's been a little while since I've last logged in, so it may have changed some, but just about every MMO out there has some sort of guild system in-place by default.

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blasian2782d ago

I signed up to plus 30 minutes ago. Already downloaded so much of the free stuff I know it was atleast $15 so im content. The beta made me sign up and im glad I did.

8thnightvolley2782d ago

gettin on.. been on plus from day 1

DirtyLary2782d ago

Nothing new here.

Just another paid beta.

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BrianG2782d ago

Its only a day maker...

But seriously, I wanted to try this game out after hearing about it, so glad I signed up for that year + 3 month deal.

SpitFireAce852782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Is that deal still going on i want to try
DC universe and this seems like a great time
to sign up for PS+...:)

krouse932782d ago


Yes, I am pretty sure the deal is still up. So hurry and take advantage of it!

PHOSADRA2782d ago


SilverSlug2782d ago

Depends really, I prefer playing games on PS3. PSN Plus service is way different from Xbox Live.

zeal0us2782d ago

Just because Sony is more open to putting MMOs on their console doesn't necessarily mean PSN or PSN+ is any better than XBL. PSN+ is just a way to catch up on lost profit, Sony should of just came out with PSN+ to begin with or not included it at all. I believe if Sony would add these PSN+ features to the free PSN, they could got way more consoles sold than M$ and still seen some profits.

krouse932782d ago

They can't have that many beta testers for a games though the servers would be crushed. If it was free and everyone was allowed in.

tplarkin72782d ago

Sony fanboys are like North Koreans. They live in a bubble of ignorance about the outside world. They also never question the Dear Leader.

thehitman2782d ago

After the gamespot vid on it I think this will make me sign up for PS+ Finally.

KaiokenKid2782d ago

dang, if only I subscribed to PS Plus! OH WAIT, I DO!

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