Game Guys interview Cliff Bleszinski about Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm, an upcoming first-person shooter title currently being developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games, is supposed to be a different kind of shooter game in a market oversaturated in the genre. Due for release in Februrary 22, 2011, Bulletstorm is a futuristic/sci-fi themed title where the player controls a mercenary named Grayson Hunt as he trys to escape a vicious planet he's crash-landed upon.

Cliff Bleszinski, the Design Director for Epic Games, doesn't see oversaturation as a problem for the game.

"If you look at the market today you'll see a lot of very, very serious types of military shooters," Bleszinski tells News10, "Bulletstorm is not that kind of game."

One of the reasons he feels that way is because of a multiplayer feature called 'Echo Mode'.

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