PALGN: Def Jam Rapstar Review

PALGN: "If you've spent some time with a video game console in the last decade, you're likely to have gathered around the living room experiencing the musical prowess (or lack thereof) of friends and family as they belt out popular songs with a USB-powered microphone in hand thanks largely in part to the karaoke stylings of video games such as SingStar and Lips. But with these two karaoke franchises providing players with fodder comprising largely of the latest and greatest pop and rock songs to gain the attention of the masses, the humble rap/hip-hop track has largely been relegated to the sidelines. Thankfully, Def Jam Rapstar has come along to fill the void, and after experiencing the not-quite-right rap mechanics of SingStar and Rock Band, we must say that Def Jam Rapstar does a commendable job of representing the hip-hop game for any young emcee wanting to show off just how lyrically gifted they can be."

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