How to get the Golden Gun without Online Requirement in Black Ops

E4G Writes: While messing around in Call of Duty: Black Ops, I came across a very interesting glitch that will make people jealous of your golden guns...

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dkblackhawk502929d ago love my golden guns :D

DEA Fresh2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Comment is required

Government Cheese2929d ago

Yes you can, my friend has and I was in a party with him when he did it..

TheLastGuardian2929d ago

Damn, you have to be 14th prestige in combat training to do this. That will take forever. What's the normal way to get golden guns?

BX812929d ago

@Lastguardian Not really because you can choose nuke town put on door gunner and dogs with the ai on easy and you'll average around 80kills a game. LOL I do it when the online gets laggy.

Highlife2929d ago

that sounds like a waste of time.

BX812929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

@Highlife not really. It's a quick way to unlock the load outs you prefer to play with. Also it gives you a chance to toy around with different things to see what you like the most. I don't put too much time into it but since my internet sux out here I've never had more than 2 yellow bars at night so it makes for a pretty crappy gaming experience. It's also like a mini game. I try to beat my most kills on that map. I'm sure you've played games that I would define as a waste of time so to each his/her own in the end.

ambientFLIER2929d ago

Average 80 kills??? I only play combat training for the 30000 score limit, which is 300kills, about 65k xp per game.

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princejb1342929d ago

this is cool and all, but whats gonna happen ones you prestige online
you can say bye bye to your golden gun

curtis3942929d ago

Pretty useful, but I cant see myself spending so long to get to 14th prestige in combat training :/ I guess you could get some friends on and do like a 3v9 20 round SnD on recruit diificulty xD

Government Cheese2929d ago

Actually I heard there is a way to set up SnD in combat training so you can get unlimited respawns. Apparently you can get through 1 prestige in about an hour or so that way.

HOSe2929d ago

wow that is hardcore

irepbtown2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Theres another one on SnD.

You get a load of your friends together, not in a Party, just join a SnD game. Wait till everyone has left except your friends.
Then half dont move, the other half the whole team stuns and then one person kills.

Something like that.
I dont play Black Ops anymore. Got boring.
COD4 is the best.

Arup022929d ago

Wow,golden gun. This makes you a badass ¬¬

VenomProject2929d ago

Yeah, because everyone in the military walks around with golden guns.

Ducky2929d ago

HA! I see what you did there. You were joking.

Can't fool me. I know that everyone in the military runs around with golden guns.
Walking would get you shot. =/

VenomProject2929d ago


Sometimes you have to stop running and sit down to polish those golden guns.

GamerSciz2929d ago

Come on now, let's try and keep this work appropriate. I don't need to hear about you polishing your golden gun =0Þ

DarthRevan2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

That was too funny

Bubbles for all 3

curtis3942929d ago

oh yes you can... ZxSwY

AwesomeJizz2929d ago

Hell yeah that just made my day =]

antz11042928d ago

...and your avatar pic made mine!

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