Activision Says Tony Hawk is Still Relevant

Tony Hawk is a legend. It’s a fact. He is one of the most well known and well liked personalities in the sport of skateboarding and for good reason. If you have ever seen an interview with him or any clip of any kind where he is interacting with a person, you will know he is a nice guy and genuinely loves what he does. That is not the problem here. Nothing about the issues facing the Tony Hawk branded games of late has anything to do with the man himself. The issue is simple. Somebody made a better game. At least, a game that people who care about skateboarding consider better.

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TheStee2928d ago

They need to go the way of SEGA and Sonic games. BACK TO THE ROOTS! :)

Killer62928d ago

I think they probably need to look at Skate, and do that but better, or realize that Shred was an embarrasment to everything and give up!

EddyD2928d ago

I completely agree with you, Skate is way better than Tony Hawk.

RoboRyan2928d ago

Skate is definitely more appealing to me than Tony Hawk games have been, but taking the gameplay of Skate and sticking in the next TH game isn't the way to go. It will just make the series look like an imitation. Activision admits they are marketing Shred to kids, who will be wowed by the lack of realism and the fact they're playing on a skateboard peripheral. Tony Hawk can still be relevant, just not to the same audience as when THPS first came out.

ExplosionSauce2928d ago

Yeah, Skate is better than Tony Hawk now. But not better than Tony Hawk from back in the day :P

TheLastGuardian2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Everyone in favor of a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater reboot click agree. Everyone else...F**k off!

AndrewRyan2928d ago

Tony Hawk is way better then Skate. Have you guys ever played Tony Hawk on PS2? You are smoking crack if you think skate is better then that! (Today's Tony hawk games suck)

akiraburn2928d ago

I think their biggest flaw was definitely deciding to go with the skateboard peripheral. Not everyone necessarily has that kind of space to game with. Beyond that, the game series started to lose it's roots. The original Tony Hawk games were pretty solid, and the original THUG (Tony Hawk's Underground) was hands down, one of the funnest games I had ever played.

It had a decent learning curve to it (pushed me to become less button mashing for tricks and to actually learn them all), a nice mix of semi-realism and over-the-top ridiculousness, and overall it was fun. Add in their actually decent storyline and solid control schemes on every platform, and it definitely was a game changer.

THUG2 I felt however was a giant step back from the original. With a lot of design choices that were fundamentally flawed, focusing less on actual story and more simply on Bam Margera's antics, and by removing the iconic approach of finally "making it big", things just weren't the same. THAW (aka THUG3) got a bit more back on-track, but overall they never really caught the magic and fun of the original THUG again. I really hope they do someday again though.

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PHOSADRA2928d ago

Tony Hawk doesn't know how to implement realistic concepts into his games...

The unrealistic physics and skateboard tricks are what made the original Tony Hawk games good....

He should leave the realistic stuff to the SKATE series....

People who like realistic things will get Skate...
People who like unrealistic things will get Tony Hawk....
But even more people will get both...

TheLastGuardian2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

lol. Tony Hawk started to suck after THUG2. Activision would say that about their own dying franchise. If they were smart they would use the old formula that worked so well for THPS.

TabbyBW2928d ago

Skate is better, Tony Hawk used to be awesome, never got with the times though.

Killer62928d ago

Could just have been the novelty of being the first truly good skating related game, the tony hawk part i mean.

Relientk772928d ago

Activision says who is still relevant?

thebudgetgamer2928d ago

i have always been a tony hawk supporter, i even loved proving ground. with that said, no it's not.

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