Activision’s List of Priorities = Fail

There’s no denying it, Activision (Call of Duty series, Band Hero, DJ Hero, Prototype) is the equivalent of the devil to many “mature” gamers nowadays...

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Dark_Charizard2929d ago

Well as long as they're making money... they won't listen to all this!

Godmars2902929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

So the list should be:

1) Shareholders
2) Kotick
3) Games
4) Advertisers
5) Distributors
6) Developers
7) Gamers
(Edit: had Advertisers and devs in the wrong place)

The truly sad/frustrating thing is its the gamers own fault by buying the sub-standard product Activision or any other publisher puts out.

DeathProof2929d ago

True that. But the fact remains, gamers are at the bottom of the list : (