Top 5 Best Upcoming Games

A look at some of the top games to look out for this month and early 2011

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Madusha2932d ago

diablo 3 all the way =]

ArtsyGamer2932d ago

They should explain why they think Rift will be better than all the other MMOs coming out next year... Tera Online, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Motion2932d ago


Because "Rift is set to compete with other top MMORPG games out there such as Runescape"

I know alot of people play Runescape, but didn't realize it was THE title to beat now ;p

NegativeCreepWA2932d ago

You should go look into Rift, if you don't think it can be better then the others releasing next year. From what I've seen of of it could be the next huge mmo.

Motion2932d ago

I've been following it loosely, and it's one I have my eye on. Though GW2 is what I'm most looking forward to.

ArtsyGamer2932d ago

I'd really like to know how 2 people have disagreed with what I said.

The one sentence they put in there "Rift is set to compete with other top MMORPG games out there such as Runescape" is nowhere near enough details to claim it is one of the top 5 best upcoming games.

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pumal2932d ago

Guild wars 2 might be good.. Terra is something completely new though. I'm expecting Terra to be better than games like runescape and all.

Madusha2932d ago

Guild Wars 2 is hard to beat.

EMGN2932d ago

Tero Online IMO is gonna b better. It's something new.

Motion2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

"5 Best Upcoming Games"

3 of which have already been released...

Edit: My mistake, he's not counting some of the games as existing on consoles.