Raven Working On Black Ops DLC?

A hot rumor has been flying today that Raven Software has been pulled off the unannounced stealth James Bond game that Activision had commissioned them to work on and have tasked them with creating Call of Duty: Black Ops downloadable content.

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The Matrix2842d ago

Why would Treyarch let someone else take over their baby?

Simco8762842d ago

To free up Trey for Black Ops 2.

2011 - MW3
2012 - BO2
2013 - I murder Bobby boy

AssassinHD2842d ago

You have to fit Sledgehammer Games in there somewhere. Remember there are now 3 CoD developers.

Sigh2842d ago

MW3 is up in the air with the lawsuit intact and most IW people gone. 2011 will be Sledgehammer's COD debut I bet.

JamieReleases2842d ago

Well, I guess that kind of decision falls to Activision in the end.

Rich16312842d ago

Wouldn't be surprising, Certain Affinity worked on some of the World at Wat maps and DLC, and assisted on Black Ops multiplayer maps.


bjh0892842d ago

i wonder if they are gonna do the same crap with mw2 and remake older maps from the previously released cod so waw maps remade?

marioPSUC2842d ago

They are probably gonna be $15 again....sigh

But as long as they give us NEW maps, and a zombie map Ill be happy, I would love another zombie map.

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