RoboAwesome's World of Warcraft: Cataclysm | First Impressions

Two weeks or so ago, Blizzard drastically changed the landscape of the World of Warcraft quite literally. They took about eighty percent of the “Vanilla content” and overhauled it with all new more interesting and engaging quests for levels 1 through 60. They also changed the way these places looked to reflect the destructive events that have occurred. For example, The Barrens is now separated into two zones by a huge magma filled trench, Thousand Needles has been completely flooded, and and Orgrimmar has been rebuilt into a more menacing fortress of war. Along with these changes they opened up a few new class combinations such as Troll Druid and Dwarf Shaman.

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RoboRyan2928d ago

Never got into WoW, but Cataclysm sounds fun and I can see why people are so stoked for it. Archaeology sounds sweet!