Minority Report Software For Kinect

Researchers of MIT CSAIL have created interface inspired by Minority Report movie to be used with Kinect. It is functioning pretty well as can be seen in the video.

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JokesOnYou2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Cool stuff, now if only all these cool little tech demos/hacks will start showing up in some games I care about....then we're talking. Hope Kinect dev's are taking notes.

Mystogan2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Looks cool..but it doesn't really look like Minority Report,rather a dumbed down version. Not Kinects fault though,as you can see it can detect fingers and when he zooms in the image he selected it's pretty precise.

@Jokes and Apocalypse

Guys RELAX its only been out for barely a Month.
and besides the Core games ARE coming..

Codename D (Grass-Hopper)
Project Draco (Grounding Inc.)
Steel Battalion(From Software)
Rise Of Nightmares (Sega)
THQ Core Game

And a lot of Famous publishers like Activision Blizzard, Bethesda Softworks, Capcom, Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Konami, MTV Games, Namco Bandai, SEGA, Square Enix, THQ Inc.

So who knows? for all we know there could be an Elder Scrolls or Kingdom Hearts coming for kinect

I'm Particularly interested in what Suda51 can do with Kinect.(Codename D)

And i wonder how From Software is gonna pull off Steel Battalion from 45 buttons/pedals to none 0.o

darthv722929d ago

MS demod this tech a few years back called surface. Is that the same software driving these demos just without a...."surface" to touch?

ChronoJoe2929d ago

They're not going to be adopted by core gamer if they use kinect input... pad user are the ones that want more core game... not kinect users...

kneelb4zod2929d ago Show
Apocalypse Shadow2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

[email protected]?........i actually AGREE with jokes for once.and i don't even like 360.

all these tech demos are one questions that.but...


after about a thousand or so NON microsoft demos,you wonder who's going to make some demonstrations of games made on pc hacked to play using kinect that could be used on 360.

where are those billions going besides to bieber,ellen and oprah?

The Maxx2929d ago

"where are those billions going besides to bieber,ellen and oprah?"

uh...It was only Millions. Not billions.

Just saying.

ASSASSYN 36o2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Why do you care where the games are? You don't like the 360. I don't care for the ps3. You see me complaining for move games? NOPE!

zgoldenlionz2929d ago

yeah lets see a hacked kinect control a core pc game and i wont be so skeptical if kinect would work with anything other than minigame/dance games

LiL T2929d ago

Looks alright. Looks kinda like what that game Trials of Topouq (think thats how its spelled) was doing a few years back with the hand controls.

JsonHenry2929d ago

Yet they could have done this all along with a regular webcam... oh wait, they DID do this with a regular webcam already. :/

ct032929d ago

The level of detection shown in this video is impossible without depth data. Do you think the MIT guys waste their time reinventing the wheel?

LiL T2929d ago

Yep, there is already a game out there that uses this and I mentioned it earlier. I can tell you from owning the game that it worked quite well for a game that at least four years old.

ct032929d ago

You mean Trials of Topoq? It's all silhouette based because it only has RGB data to work with. There are countless ways to make it fall apart. And it does not track fingers.

LiL T2929d ago

@ct03, well alright then, either way they are both pretty cool.

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FanboyPunisher2928d ago

This will change the way we interact with technology as it develops.

I support this kind of tech, might be limited but when versions 2, 3 etc come out or modders do amazing things we'll have perhaps our new KB/Mouse.

gamingdroid2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

So far it seems limitation isn't an issue with Kinect. Look at all the things people are coming up with in the span of a month!

Finger detection is something we didn't think the dumbed down resolution would be able to do without focusing all it's resolution on the hand.

This demo on the other hand is clearly showing very precise and accurate recognition as is despite the low resolution!

We need to get XNA support for Kinect and watch creative applications come in. Share it MS!

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Simco8762929d ago

I would want a controller to move through my pictures about 3 minutes into this.

If your used to this kind of interface, I am sure it would stream line for you. But my god, it looks like it would be frustrating to use!

Mystogan2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

like i said it's the Apps fault not Kinect's.

if MS was to make a Dashboard to resemble Minority Report, I can assure you it wouldn't look or function anything like this.

darthv722929d ago

As with any piece of new tech. It is the software that really drives it. These hacks are just whetting the appetite for future endeavors.

Kinect isnt going to stop when the 360 stops. It will keep on evolving (software wise) into the next gen. That much is certain.

gamingdroid2928d ago

Remember the Mouse in DOS?

A far cry from what it is today! Point being, give it a little time so the dust settles and people can get idea of what works and what doesn't.

However, it is very promising so far with all these things coming on almost a daily basis. I'm very excited for Kinect right now.

karl2929d ago

i can say that

we dont want to go backwards people

we can do all this with our thumbs today..

why would u want to use your whole fuckin body? =S jesus

darthv722929d ago

stuck in a rut?

The ability to play games using the basic digits has been around far to long. Nothing wrong with a little change now and then.

Keeps you on your toes (literally speaking).

karl2929d ago


u are right but..

dont u think the next step should make thinks even more practical?

making things more complicated can hardly be called an improvement

it could be fun.. but just by looking at it u should already know that this wont be standard in the future..

darthv722929d ago

not to be to cliche but...we really dont know what the future holds. I can see one certainty and that would be that both move and kinect become more rooted in the next platforms.

Complications are only setbacks that developers dont put into forethought. Oddly, we have all been thinking of what it would be like to play games without the use of a controller. Or, at least i did when I was a little kid.

Using your mind to think of what you want the game to do and it does it. We may be a ways off from there but we shouldnt stall the process simply due to habit.

It's funny. As I drive on the freeway I use my hands to pretend to part the ways of cars. The force isnt 'real' but it is neat when they do what you want. Doing that in a game should be just as fun.

It will get there.

HeavenlySnipes2929d ago

MS should advertise the Kinect for advancements for these types of things. I don't see a game the Kinect could be used for that wouldn't be a minigame. Well maybe a Heavy Rain clone where you have to mimic the actions on the screen and if you get a character killed they stay dead etc...

But looking at Alan Wake, I doubt it will do well.

djfullshred2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Looks cool, but no way in hell would I do this at work. They would have to pay me extra to stand up doing that manual labor instead of sitting at my desk with a keyboard & mouse.

wwm0nkey2929d ago

He is sitting down......

SmokeyMcBear2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

no he isnt, he's standing about a 18" from the kinect and wall (or tv or whever the image is being projected)
you can even see the couch behind him.. sheesh.

ASSASSYN 36o2929d ago

Have you ever used kinect? It works when sitting while navigating the dashboard.

ceedubya92929d ago

not sure why you got the disagree there. It is true that you don't have to stand to use Kinect's dashboard functions.

djfullshred2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Let's get real. You are never going to see an office of people waving their arms around while they work with a computer, like a fictional sci fi movie minority report.

Try doing that for 8-10 hours a day, like I spend in front of a computer. Yeaaah riiight. Thought so. Companies would be paying for disability claims.

Ergonomics my friends, ergonomics. This demonstration is the opposite of that.

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