Pocket-lint Gadget Awards 2010 winners

Pocket-Lint: A year in the making, we are proud to announce the winners of the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards 2010. What really was the hottest products of 2010, what won what, and who beat who. Read on to find out.

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Trytobee12929d ago

"Best Home Cinema Kit - Xbox 360 S"

"Innovation of the year - Microsoft Kinect"

Let the bashing and trolling begin .....

etownone2929d ago

Well done MS

The Xbox S wins because of it's cheap price and the ability to stream movies in HD using the wireless N built in .... and of course it's games and Kinect.

Bigpappy2928d ago

Xbox-s was huge for M$. But I believe Kinect will end up being their biggest game changer.

tigertom532928d ago

kinect is awesome device.. :o))

eliasg2928d ago

innovation of the year!!!!