CVG: Tony Hawk Shred Review

There's hardly any content here; when compared to the missions on offer in EA's Skate 3 the price is still a huge stumbling block. A better buy for gamers who already own the deck, but newcomers should think again.

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JohnnyMann4202901d ago

I haven't tried these motion T Hawk games, but it seems to me that pretty much everyone hates them.

Remember TH2 and 3?

Those were the good 'ol Hawk days.

dkgshiz2901d ago

That the reviewers never even bothered taking one gander at it. I searched around the web to see the reviews for this game just for shits and giggles and found only two reviews. Both were from some generic blog sites. I went to six different stores and I have never even seen this game on the shelves. Not that Im going to buy it or anything its just out of curiosity.