Gran Turismo 5 Easy Money Tutorial 2 – Mo’ Money Cheats and Tricks Guide

Ripten writes: So getting 17k in under 3 mins wasn’t enough for you? This time we’ve got other cheats and tricks to help you complete your GT5 Car collection.

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jaredhart2781d ago

Part 2! Mo' money for GT5!

rajman2781d ago

That Part 2 is all FAIL!
Birthday Car Heist

1.) In GT5 you get a bonus car on your birthday, based on the year you were born. Example – born is ’87 you get a car from 1987.

2.) Change your birthday on PSN to get your free car.

3.) Change your birthday day and year and you’ll keep getting free cars.

4.) Stock up, Sell – have fun!

YOU CANT CHANGE YOUR DATE OF BIRTH ON PSN lol Did these guys even try this out ir just saw it from another site and copy it.

jaredhart2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Actually you have to create dummy PSN accounts to perform this. They corrected it.

rajman2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Well it wasnt edited when I made that comment. Obviously you added "Unfortunately this involves creating dummy PSN Accounts with email addresses" after I had pointed it out Garrett Hartman.

joydestroy2781d ago

i got a nice race car from the birthday trick that enabled me to beat some Extreme/Expert tier races. got the Minolta from completing a set of races

Akth8r2781d ago

Please sir can i have more, it's my birthday.

Valay2781d ago

Reminds me of that scene from Oliver...

Akth8r2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

It is from oliver twist my friend, i just added the birthday part i have no idea why though, my birthday is on halloween Lol i'm a freak.

greeneggsnsam2781d ago

I remember GT4 where you could make millions by doing one of the license tests which rewarded you with a $50,000 car every time over and over.

dagamdagee2781d ago

Haha, I remember doing this sort of thing on GT 4. I love grinding races for money.

KingNintendoFanboy2781d ago

Only if money came this easily irl.

VenomProject2781d ago

i) in r) real l) life

Knowing is half the battle.

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