Addicted to games: a retrospective

E4G: On Monday evening in the UK the BBC aired a show entitled 'addicted to games' which attempted to find out if game addictions exist, what effects it can have and what can be done to prevent/create awareness about addiction.

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dkblackhawk502662d ago

That show proves nothing...

jaredhart2662d ago

So games might be addictive...who cares!

Zinc2662d ago

This sounds like a bunch of half-truths and gorilla dust.

Hayakuzima2662d ago

Best thing to be addicted to though

DirtyLary2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I'm addicted, you wont see me in denial. This hobbies owns my soul. The secret is balancing it with your social life/gf.

AssassinHD2662d ago

The things is though, that true addicts don't balance it with the rest of their life. If you are balancing your hobby with your life, then are you really addicted?

ChickeyCantor2662d ago

For crying out loud, the kid wants to feel special and you just shat on his dreams.

DirtyLary2662d ago

Kid? Try again son, I could be your dad.

jeeves862662d ago

@ Lary

With comments like that, you probably 'are' his dad...:\

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