Bleszinski Wants to See a Gears of War Character In Mortal Kombat

Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski is one of the most outspoken developers on Twitter. He's fun to follow, as his humor and enthusiasm for games makes him often seem more like another fan of games than a developer. Today, he had an exchange about the possibility of putting a Gears of War character in the legendary Mortal Kombat fighting franchise.

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MAJ0R2932d ago

is he just saying that because Kratos is being featured in it?

Active Reload2932d ago

"None of the characters in Gears of War are iconic enough to be in Mortal Kombat."

What does iconic mean to you? I find it rather ironic you say this when Kratos has been included in MK. Kratos does fit in MK better than a Gears character...for the moment. But to me iconic in video games is paralleled with sales and Gears does more numbers that God of War. Meaning more people are familiar and like Gears.

SMOK3xFFx2932d ago

I dunno man a Chainsaw fatality could be pretty nice.

ExplosionSauce2932d ago

Umm sales don't exactly mean "iconic".
The character also has to fit in to the genre.

Active Reload2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

"Kratos does fit in MK better than a Gears character...for the moment."

In case you missed it. Read the whole comment instead of what "you" want to read.

And I was pointing out that that person might've used the wrong word to describe why Gears wouldn't fit in MK. A blind man could see he was trying to discredit Gears as a whole. Who wouldn't want God of War to do the numbers Gears does? ;)

gamingdroid2932d ago

'Umm sales don't exactly mean "iconic".'

Actually, iconic means recognition and high sales number does indicate "iconic".

Man In Black2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

"What does iconic mean to you? I find it rather ironic you say this when Kratos has been included in MK. Kratos does fit in MK better than a Gears character...for the moment. But to me iconic in video games is paralleled with sales and Gears does more numbers that God of War. Meaning more people are familiar and like Gears."

Gears may sell more, but Kratos is more recognisable than any individual Gears character. I think that's what he meant.

Theonik2932d ago

Cliffy is jealous. He mad.
Sorry, Cliff GeOW fits MK even less than GoW does. Not to mention Kratos is more brutal :P

ShinMaster2932d ago

Then Mario would make a perfect addition.
Because, you know, he's much more iconic.


DasBunker2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Kratos fits because hes somehow a mythical character kinda like some in MK universe.. plus hes brutal..

what are the roided [email protected]$$'s from gears without teh shanezaws guns?... it would be stupid if they included what his name? joaquin phoenix?

darthv722932d ago

it started with soul calibur on ps2, gc and xbox. Moved up to DOA having a halo character. Namco did the old yoda/vader thing for their respected platforms (i know its not the same but...)

So MK will have kratos in it. I would garner that it wont be in the 360 version (lol if it is). So maybe putting in something more iconic to the 360 is doable.

What's so wrong with a Gears guy? Or better yet...instead of a chainsaw fatality. You get that homing nuclear beacon beam thing (name escapes me, sorry) that radiates a focused beam on your opponent.

That would be AWESOME!

gamingdroid2932d ago

"Then Mario would make a perfect addition.
Because, you know, he's much more iconic.


I did NOT proclaimed that any iconic character would fit into the MK universe.

I simply said there is a correlation between iconic and sales. Not how you drew that conclusion from what I said....

Ju2932d ago

One is a hack-n-slash character the other one from a shooter. Maybe if there would be some great hand-to-hand combat in Gears it would be more fitting?

karl2932d ago

kratos is the only one who can fit mortal kombat... everytime he fights someone in all the GOW games he ends the fight with a fatality

we all seen that.. now what other character does a fatality in every fight he has besides kratos.. that its not in the MK universe?

anyone? =D

Lightsaber2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

GoW characters work better in MK the that crappy GooW guy who is just a rip off of Qu'an Chi. Ed Boon even said before that he was inspired to make a darker MK cause GoW.

Personally I think RAAM would fit great in to MK

"homing nuclear beacon beam thing (name escapes me, sorry)"

I think your talking about the Dawn hammer

ChickeyCantor2932d ago

" But to me iconic in video games is paralleled with sales and Gears does more numbers that God of War"

Our definitions don't mean a sh/t.
Its about THE definition.

Kids these days.

Masamori Sumimura2932d ago

Cliff jealous that kratos is in MK? if I ask him if he would like one of his characters to be in the game on twitter and he answer me yes. Wtf does this have to do with jealousy or loving his games too much? You guys have effed up way of thinking seriously. biased mofo

darthv722932d ago

Yeah. the hammer of dawn. I dont care if the hand to hand is crap for a gears player in an MK game. They did do choke holds and close combat kicks and beat downs but ultimately they could use the chain saw and or the hammer of dawn for a fatality.

Picture it, the opponent is standing there all wobbly and in that moment to do a fatality. The gears guy pulls out the hammer of dawn and locks on to the other guy. Then you see this massive beam of energy just frying the opponent from above.

With what it can do to a berzerker I can see it doing to sub zero or raiden.

ReBurn2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

As I think back to Soul Calibur 2 and think of Link in the Gamecube version, all I can say is that this statement is right in principle, but in practice it doesn't necessarily apply.

Marcus Fenix would fit into Mortal Kombat just as well as Sonya Blade or Johnny Cage would, especially if fighting on the side of humanity.

Biggest2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Why are people so opposed to Iconic does not have anything to do with sales. Michael Jackson is an icon. If you saw a silouette of him toe touching his loafers, you would know it was him. If you saw the number 109,000,000+ you would not know what it was for (estimated sales of Thriller). Kratos on his own in recognizable by the general gaming community. The general gaming community doesn't know any of the characters in Gears of War on their own. The Gears franchise may be iconic as a franchise. None of the characters are distinguishable by the general gaming community, and therefore not iconic.

Edit: Please remember that you don't get to change the definition of words to suit you. Your opinion doesn't matter.

Army_of_Darkness2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

I'm down;).... It's just to bad they're exclusive charaters to they're respected consoles...

HolyOrangeCows2932d ago

There's already a GOW character in Mortal Kombat :)

Generic muscles with guns don't belong in fighting games.

cooperdnizzle2932d ago

Active Reload. Iconic has nothing to do with sales! Kratos is more iconic than any of the characters in gear or war. He is the star of the game in which he is featured. There is a hole cast of characters in gears of war. And more so he is actually character, he has a personality unlike the characters in gears of war. And last he is actually huge face of the PlayStation brand, has been around a lot longer than any character from gears of war. Now don't get me wrong i love gears of war. Not for the story single player or the characters but for the amazing online game play. The charaters in gears of war, suck balls, and that is telling the truth. Plus god of war has actually sold more than gears. God of war has five games out and gears only has two. So you loose there too.

SixZeroFour2932d ago

if stryker can be in it with his weapons, then im sure gears characters fit in aswell...however, their physique doesnt exactly match, might have to tone down the muscles a bit

darthv722932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Like biggest stated. Iconic has nothing to do with sales numbers.

Master Chief is iconic. He would be easily recognized even by those who never played his games.

Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man. Those are just a few of gamings iconic characters. Marcus Fenix...not so much but could be depending on how much Epic and MS whore him out.

Can anyone tell me who this "iconic" figure might be?

ShinMaster2932d ago

I hope Kratos gets the Cestus!

Lightsaber2931d ago

Darth I still think RAAM be cooler he had all those Kryll with him. He Could summon them and have them ripping the fresh right off of someone or could have a finish move where he start to want away then a Berserker runs in and crushes the person. The hoard have a lot of very cool and nasty looking thinks you can work with.

No Way2931d ago

I would LOVE Mario in Mortal Kombat!!!!! :D

But, nawh, really.. I don't think a Gears character would fit in well.
However, I think Kratos wouldn't differ too much from others.

In fact, he kinda reminds me alot of Quan Chi.

Bereaver2931d ago

None of the characters in GeOW have the right aura for Mortal Kombat. If he truly means what he says, then it appears he doesn't know much about mortal kombat.

Unless he's not talking the good guys.

Coffin872931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

GeOW characters are not iconic at all. They're placeholders for brutal things you can do, placeholders for a big guy with a big gun and a big chainsaw. They're an avatar, completely exchangeable - exchanging them wouldn't change anything at all, noone would even notice a difference.

Kratos is a LEGEND, he stands for something, he has character, his face stands for countless painful things he has not only done but also experienced himself.
He is like 100 times deeper than all of the GeOW characters put together.

EDIT: @1.1.29
I really hope you're a fucking troll.

Shepherd 2142931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Actually if you guys are saying Kratos should be in MK because he is iconic, then Master Chief destroys Kratos in every sense of the word "Iconic". Chief has been around longer, sold more copies, and has enjoyed the same great reviews that Kratos has.

So for anyone who is downing Cliffy wanting a Gears character in MK, watch what you say.

Btw, its great to see Kratos in MK, but you people need to quick puckering your assholes and sipping your vinegar. It would be great to have huge characters from different franchises, including Gears.

No Way2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I'm really not sure what your post directed towards me is about..
Can you honestly tell me the two do not look similar?

All I'm saying..
Is they needa do something about Kratos, to make him different.

ShinMaster2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

For all we know, Master Chief doesn't have any flesh.
And that'd be lame in Mortal Kombat. It would mean he'd have to remove the armor and helmet for him to work.

NICE TRY though.

Doesn't matter how much more iconic you think he is. He still doesn't work for that type of game. Period. Common sense.

Shepherd 2142930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

First of all, Master Chief does have flesh. The official novels explain his origins and they are very good. Pick them up. And if that isnt enough, when you die in the games as Master Chief, blood comes out of him. Do the research before going into geeky specifics, because you wont win like that.

Anyways, my point is that no one here cares whether a Gears character would work in MK, they are bashing Cliffy and Gears in general.

No one here is saying "Hey, Gears is great! But that just wouldnt fit in MK." They are saying "Cliffy is a big mouth and Jaffe isnt! Gears isnt that great anyway. blah bloo blee blah".

Get it? Nice try though.

ShinMaster2926d ago

I wasn't the one who just went into "geeky specifics".

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BiggCMan2932d ago

I think Cliffy loves his game too much. None of the characters in Gears of War are iconic enough to be in Mortal Kombat. Above all though, it wouldn't make much sense. The characters don't use combat, they use guns with the occasional curb stomp. A character from Dead or Alive would fit better for the Xbox version. And Kratos for the PS3 version.

ExplosionSauce2932d ago

Plus, I think Marcus would have to get rid of his armor to be able to Kombat with the rest of the characters haha

theIMP2932d ago

@ the_only_lol_king, really? I want to know what you think of David Jaffe? I hear people dis Cliffy all the time on this site, but the same people always talk about Jaffe like he's not the biggest douche in the world. I'm not saying you feel that way, I was just curious. Your thoughts? I personally think they would both be cool to hang out with, but out of the two, Jaffe is a much more cocky, yet every time an article shows up on here about him, there's 1,000 people on here,with his d!ck in thier mouth.

the_1080p_guy2932d ago

I think we are forgetting the most important thing : Gears of war characters cant jump, u know kratos can actually double jump with Icarus wings and shit...

No Way2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

"Gears of war characters cant jump"
That's what they say about white boys..


Kurt Russell2931d ago

Put General RAAM in Moooooooooooortal Kombat!!!

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Cheeseknight282932d ago

Gears of War is a good franchise sure, but none of the characters are a good fit for Mortal Kombat. I can't really think of too many Xbox characters that would work for a brutal game like this. Maybe Saren?

ceedubya92932d ago

When i think about characters like Jax, Sonya, and the cyborg ninjas that have been in the MK series throughout the years, i'd think a character from Gears wouldn't have too much of a problem fitting in.

Cheeseknight282931d ago

But all the characters in Mortal Kombat can jump 6 feet and do backflips. Marcus Fenix... can't.

NeutralGamer2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Now I know that Dead Rising is not a xbox exclusive, but maybe Frank West?

But I know that capcom cant make a character apear in another game as cameo..

They wanna do a whole Capcom vs. Mortal Kombat..

typikal822932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

I dunno how I would feel about the butch woman that is Marcus in the game

TheBand1t2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

As I said below, that dude from the 2nd game with the chainsaw spear (the boss) would probably be a good match. Or an Elite from Halo.

ExplosionSauce2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )


Bull5hifT2932d ago

Yeah and they need mastercheif, and super mario, and zelda and donkey kong and CJ from san andreas and that Mass EFfeckt GUy, and yo momma , and wario, and nathan drake and some COD charcter with a Fawkz hawk and a Killzone 2 character with a Fawkx hawk, and Cole from infamous, and call it , Fugg'N ePIK BatTle 9000

dgonza402931d ago

lol i would actually buy that game, and they better keep that damn title.

Characters from console exclusive games going at it sounds cool

NiiGhTx2932d ago

Oh snap! Bleszinski and Active Reload are jealous

Christopher2932d ago

Usually people wait to be asked to have a character in another game. I highly doubt the MK team was paid to put Kratos in the game. Kratos fits in perfectly with the MK theme and they're doing it as fan service, nothing else. A game revolving around shooting things isn't likely to have a character that fits in with tournament combat. Maybe in a Marvel vs Capcom type of game, though.

UnbiasedTroll2932d ago

good idea.

Kratos - PS3.

Gears Of War Character - Xbox 360.

All though Gears Of War characters are shooter type, Kratos seems to fit MK exactly.

No Way2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

He does fit exactly.. but, he's already in!

Meet Quan Chi, UnbiasedTroll. (click picture.)

That being said, if they put Kratos in..
I hope they at least change his weapons.
The swords would resemble Quan Chi, too much.

lazysey2932d ago

Mii 2 cliffy .... mii 2 ...

xAlmostPro2931d ago

kratos would own the gears characters anyways :)

MisterNiwa2931d ago

Well, I'd like Dom chainsawing through Bakara.

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Look I like This guy ...But Nobody is as badass as Kratos... That would be so sick to be able to BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF A CHARACTER SO HARD IT TURNS THE SCREEN RED WITH BLOOD!

also I dont think any of the gears games can even touch the quality of GOW story wise... but thats just my opinion... Why is gears a AAA game all of a sudden? Is it because its the only recognizable game out for the 360 next year? I could not stand its story and its online was unplayable and not enough players to be on par with Killzone... The same was the problem with other games like Battlefield bc2 and Uncharted 2 so im not a fanboy here Im just exposing the fanboys... The game wont be half as good as Killzone and resistance Im in the Killzone Beta and it is the best FPS I HAVE EVER PLAYED....I know the fsnboys will disagree But Im all out of bubbles anyway!

WetN00dle692932d ago

Ummmm.........yeah whatever helps you sleep better........i doubt you have ever touched a Gears game before. Your Wall of text rant says it all, you seem to be more of a fanboy than a multiplat gamer. I liked Both Gears just as much as i liked KILLZONE and God Of War games.

dragon822932d ago

I am a multi-platform gamer and I have to say I agree with him. Gears just doesn't do it for me. Neither does Halo these days. I used to love playing Halo 2 all day long with friends but the newer ones just don't do it for me anymore. I think Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 will both be better than Gears 3. It probably wont stop me from buying Gears 3 though. If not I might not have much to play on my 360 next year ad I buy all multi-platform games on PS3 for the trophies.

Active Reload2932d ago

When has Resistance ever been as good as Gears?

NeutralGamer2932d ago

Whos more badass than Kratos?

Batman lol...

ExplosionSauce2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Since when have the two games been comparable.

Mc Nasty2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

@ NeutralGamer
Chuck Norris

* Lets get NASTY!!

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Hands Up For Games2932d ago

You are absolutely relentless in your hatred towards everything non Sony.

Does it not give you a sore head? Cause I usually get one reading your posts.

nycredude2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Just a thought. If reading his posts give you a sore head, maybe you should stop reading them then?

OT: I don't see how a Gears character would work in a fighting game.