Square's AGDC Keynote: Final Fantasy XIII Runs on 'Cross-Platform' Engine

Final Fantasy XIII (FFXIII) is currently a PS3 exclusive, but Square Enix's Hiromichi Tanaka said in his keynote address at the Austin Game Developers Conference (GDC) that the game is being developed with a "cross-platform" engine:

"Development is proceeding smoothly now, with the framework now beginning to take shape. Last year we went through a development reorganization, with the development of our own cross-platform middleware – the White Engine. This is the foundation for FFXIII and the new MMO."

Up until then, the White Engine had always been referenced as PS3-specific. However, Takana's keynote does not mean we should jump to the conclusion that FFXIII will appear on more platforms. Consider this: Gears of War and BioShock were built on a "cross-platform" engine, (Unreal Engine 3,) does that mean both titles will appear on additional platforms? It does mean that platforms other than the PS3 will possibly benefit from future Square Enix products based on the White Engine.

In addition to FXIII and the new MMO, Takana's keynote also covers real money trading (RMT), its problems and lessons, and Wings of the Goddess (Final Fantasy XI expansion.) Read the full article for details.


The Austin Game Developer Conference was on September 5-7, 2007. Hiromichi Tanaka delivered his keynote address at the conference on September 6, 2007. The story - dated September 6, 2007 - is a coverage of that keynote address.

In the past, there have been widespread rumors and speculations that the latest White Engine, which powers Final Fantasy XIII, might be cross-platform. However, those rumors and speculations had never been confirmed by its official proprietor, Square Enix.

This is the first time Square Enix (not an outsider like Mistwalker's Hironobu Sakaguchi or anyone else) officially confirmed, at a game developer conference, their proprietary White Engine that runs Final Fantasy XIII is indeed cross-platform.

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Bloodmask4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

With all the claims that the PS3 was being fully utilized for FF13 but this article states a crossplatform engine. Which usually doesn't exploit the hardware.

With all the recent controversy hinting at SquareEnix not being happy with PS3 sales. I wouldn't be suprised to see FF on other systems. especially with Last Remnant already defecting.

Evil0Angel4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

i bet in nasim's mum the 360 version will be relased first and will have the upper hand.

regarding gears : it is first party games so no matter what engine it is relased it will only be in 360.

-PS3 is not the best platform for FPS.
-360 install base>>>>>>&a mp;g t;>PS3 instal base
-RAM=although both have 512MB, there is less RAM availabe in PS3 becuase it reserve 94MB for it operating system while in 360 only 32mb reserved
-2K did not say"360 will have tough future" or hinted that the game may appear in additional platforms

anyway J-RPG is not my type of game, but it will be intresting to see PS3 lose one of it big relases/360 gain more games

ash_divine4119d ago

how can you say FFXIII is going multiplatform because of the engine and then try to cover up the fact that bioshock is in the same position(where it could go multiplatform but probably won't) just wondering dude.

midgard2294119d ago

um how is gears of war first party???? epic does it, not microsoft, so whats your point???

gears is same people who make unreal tournament, and they're making UT3 for ps3 first.

TrenchaunT4119d ago


The reason Evil-Angel says that it's first party is because is published by MS game studios. It's developed by Epic, but MS publishes it. (Hence why you can get your disc replaced cheaply through the replacement program.)

Husso4119d ago


sure thats why they spend $$$ on UT3 engine for their multi platform efforts.

Thi is just SE trying to mooch more $ of Sony for their overpriced development.

Danny Dan4119d ago

Hence Gears of War being a '2nd Party Title'.. that simple. Published by the console owner, but developed by a third party studio.

MJY2K4119d ago

Actually, the operating system on the PS3 requires less memory now, I think it's around 60mb now. OK it's still twice the amount of the 360 but at least Sony are trying to reduce it.

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Naruto4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

[in English] And I heard they made the White Engine open platform as well.

However, Takana's keynote does not suggest we should jump to the conclusion that FFXIII will appear on more platforms. Consider this: Gears of War and BioShock were developed with a "cross-platform" engine, (Unreal Engine 3,) does that mean both titles will appear on additional platforms?

tplarkin74118d ago

Gears & Bioshock are 360 exclusives. FFXIII has never been referred to as "PS3 exclsuive" by SquareEnix nor Sony.

Speculation will continue until Sony, SquareEnix, or MS makes an official announcement.

cloud3604119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

He also sed ps3 is the only console that can handle FFXIII. its comes as close to their imgaination and dream...or somet on those lines
-Tetsuya Nomura

Evil0Angel4119d ago

-360 has bigger instal base+higher attch rate than PS3+WII combained so there is nodoubt it well sell way more in 360 than PS3,,either sony has to bribe them soon or they will go multi-platform, there is no such thing" this game can reach our imagination in this platform so will keep it exculsive for that reason"

cloud3604119d ago

HAHAHAHAHHAHAH. jahhahahahah what an idiot....

This is old ...
Reason its a ps3 exlusive.....

Final Fantasy games usually need to sell 3 million (Final Fantasy X's case) to payup for lost money.....

Final Fantasy X sold 2 million in japan (oh thats little right, no.........................
in 4 days and was out of stock for 3 weeks.... Ithis was when there wer no good RPG games and this was the best....

Overall it sold 5 millino in japan...
and 7 mil worldwide.....

So no need to release it on 860

Evil0Angel4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

yaah but how many PS2 were in japan at that time??? i bet it was more than the 1M PS3 out now.....

who's the idiot now!!!...ops

TheExecutive4119d ago

evil angel.... When FF hits the shelves the ps3 will sell more than the 360 has in its entire lifespan in a week in Japan. By the time this game has come out I expect the PS3 to have matched the 360 in overall sells anyway. MGS, GT, killzone, lbp, oh yeah and FF will ensure this. What does the 360 have coming out in the next 2 years?

i Shank u4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

has alot of good games that japanese consumers dont buy en masse because they are loyalist to their brands and franchises

but looking at the japanese sales charts, and seeing them dominated week after week by pokemon, brain training, horse racing simulators, mario party, dating simulators, anything Gundam, wii play, franchise titles etc. , seems to me that japan has lost that hardcore gaming godliness it used to have

Kaze884119d ago

I dont think that square will go multiplatform with FFXIII.
Theres still loads of time before its coming and before it do, theres loads of good games coming to ps3 to increase its sales and increase the amount of ps3 owners.
Ps3 has sold far better from the start in japan (ps3 over 1m and x0 only 0.5m and x0 has been on the market ages before ps3). In europe both systems are selling almoust as good, but in usa x0 is selling better now (ps3 sold twice and better before x0 had Halo3 and bioshock).
The holiday season is just about to start and when that happen, there will be loads of games on both systems and they will both sell more.
So i dont think that they have to make FFXIII a multiplatform...and i dont think that they want to (its just easier to make a game on one system and ist not a small game that were talking about).

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xaphanze4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

this doesnt mean anything at all!
Those are old news, this shouldnt be approved.

Naruto4119d ago

Last Remnant is using the unreal engine