Media Create software sales (11/29 - 12/5)

Tales of Graces F, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd first week sales have been revealed in Japan, as well as Gran Turismo 5's first full week of sales.

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Kain812901d ago

Tales Of series found his way back to his old home...
Namco now its your turn release the Games here in EU/US...

Neckbear2901d ago

Why should they?

The series fanbase is pretty niche in North America and Europe.

Honestly, I'd like having them over here as much as you do, but I've given up hope a long time ago.

fight4love2900d ago

if the game sells only 15,000 in north america and Europe then theres money to made. even if it sells at 40$

FFXNo12900d ago

WTF????????? PSP Monster Hunter = 0_0

boogeyman9992901d ago

Ummmm. Monster Hunter is flipping insane.

halocursed2901d ago

I couldn't agree more with this guy!

Kain812901d ago

I think The Psp version as reached the Lifetime sales of the Wii version in only one i right?