New Batman: Arkham City trailer swoops in

A new, and very short, Batman: Arkham City trailer has arrived on the internet.

We got word yesterday that MSN would be hosting the brand new and exclusive Arkham City teaser trailer.

Now it's finally here and tease it does. Don't blink:

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<a href="" target="_new" title="Exclusive: Batman - Arkham City Teaser Trailer">Video: Exclusive: Batman - Arkham City Teaser Trailer</a>
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Fishy Fingers2842d ago

Ha, at first I thought I was watching some Live Action advert for Splinter Cell.

Pretty cool, but I think it's the gameplay that everyones really waiting for.

Nineball21122842d ago

Yeah, it did remind me of that too... haha.

Not much gameplay there, but I think if it is anything like the first game, it'll be a winner. :)

Bereaver2842d ago

Not *much* gameplay? There wasn't any that I could see.

There's no doubt in my mind that this game will be great. Better than AS? Maybe not, but it would be great if they could pull it off.

Acquiescence2842d ago

In my own dumb way I thought it was an advert for Splinter Cell: Conviction (bit late now!) and I expected the trailer to begin after it.

And then I see Batman and think..."oh."

toaster2842d ago

I hope it's more brutal the the first. The combat was great but Batman has a darker tone and I felt that they didn't really capture the brutality of Batman's attacks and combat. Maybe a little bit of blood? And less guys holding their face while getting knocked out.. that was kinda weird.

The Matrix2842d ago

Yeah I thought it was splinter cell too for a few seconds.

Eamon2842d ago

Batman knocked out a squad of 'splinter cells.'

But the question is why?

Quagmire2841d ago

One of them splinter cell dudes sounded like Jason Statham. Amirite?

OhMyGandhi2841d ago

@ StanLee

That's what she said.

about the vid though, pretty neat teaser, however, I was rather annoyed by the near 2 pixel by 2 pixel video size.

theonlylolking2842d ago

I was like. What the heck? I thought this was batman not splinter cell? Then batman drops in and beats the crap out of everyone. If only they got a 3 kill streak before the mission then they could have had UAV.

BlackTar1872842d ago

lol great comment. Batman could have been rolling UAV jammer though.

Zydake2842d ago

Weird to me they look like some special ops group and batman beats them up shouldn't he be kicking some prisoner ass?

rattletop2842d ago

nah. it' some of those hilarious blackgate prisoners. remeber them wearing security uniforms in some levels in AA?

Zydake2841d ago

Oh yeah forgot about that

KiL-shablogin2842d ago

same same, thought it was ad right before actual teaser, then swoop batman beats sh*t out of them!

you got your batman in my rainbow six!

FOXDIE2842d ago

the last one rocked my world and I got a platinum on it. "Bereaver" Assassins is shit compared to arkham asylum.

bloop2842d ago

Think I just had a Batgasm

Vherostar2842d ago

Damn its a teaser not a trailer.. Theres a difference :( Gutted thats all we saw not any in game footage or anything about the game..

UnbiasedTroll2841d ago

haha sam fisher gets slapped by batman loool

princejb1342841d ago

trailer sucked
i thought it was a splinter cell advertisement at first till batman came up,i wanna see gameplay guys
as long as it stays close if not better than the first one it will be awesome

CrIpPeN2841d ago

Video looks like live action, can we make videos this good?

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Mr Microsoft2842d ago

I'm really looking forward to this!

trikster402842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Ditto on the Splinter Cell thoughts. My only complaint is that I just don't see the point in releasing a 5 second "teaser" a year before the game comes out. It showed absolutely nothing and truly served no purpose. "OOH, CG Batman beat up some CG Splinter Cell wannabes!" Why can't companies hold their was until they have something substantial to show?

Orochi Avlis2842d ago

This teaser trailer was absolute crap. There was no point in releasing another teaser trailer. Should have been a full blown one.

Still buying the game on day one though.

Kal11382842d ago

This was just a teaser for the trailer and not the actual trailer. We'll get the full trailer on Saturday, during the VGAs.

Da_Evil_Monkey2841d ago

What do you expect from a TEASER trailer, it's just basically to tell people the game exists and to get them excited.

Convas2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Finally, things are starting to get interesting around here now that the GT5 flame wars have been extinguished!

Can't wait for the VGAs. There'll be so much to discuss.

Baka-akaB2842d ago

yup ... i like gt5 , but its sickening to hear about it everytime in both positive and negative articles ...

And it was the same with COD BO ..
These days when a big game get released , it's best to stay clear it seems

Convas2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Honestly though, when World War 3 broke out over GT5 the only reason I was here was because my 360 was broken, so I couldn't play Black Ops or anything else.

But never again. Whenever a big game launches, you'd best make sure you're playing a game or you have the game being talked about to play/defend, because being on the sidelines and hearing about it constantly can drive you to distraction.

awiseman2841d ago

yea, although if we get news on the crytek game things will go downhill here...

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